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Updated on December 11, 2007
A.L. asks from Hickory, NC
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My little girl turns 4 on the 20th of October. I am having a hard time coming up with things for the kids to do. The theme of the party is the Wizard of Oz. If anyone has ideas, I am all ears!!!

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answers from Myrtle Beach on

Tons of things's just from one site on "games"

I simply googled "wizard of oz birthday games"

Hope it helps!

Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Games

*Pin the Heart on the Tin Man: Glue an image of Tin Man on a poster board, or purchase Tin Man poster instead. Cut heart shapes out of red construction paper. Write guests' names and stick double-sided tape on the "hearts."

Mount the poster on the wall. Blindfold the kids one by one, spin them around and get them to pin the hearts on Tin Man where they belong.

*Witch's Broom Relay Race: Before the Wizard of Oz birthday party, cover two shoeboxes or bricks with yellow paper. Mark "X" on the ground for the starting point, and place the "yellow bricks" a reasonable distance from the "X."

At race time, divide the kids into two teams, and line them up. Provide a broom and a ball for each team. The players will use the broom to roll the ball to and around the yellow brick and back to their lines. Then they pass the relay leg to the next players in line, and so on, until all the players have gone. The team to finish first, wins!

*Roar Like a Lion: Give each child a chance to demonstrate his or her best lion roar. When all the children have had a turn, award prizes for the loudest, squeakiest, most real, funniest, etc. You can enlist parents, older siblings, or neighbors to be competition judges. (Have "medals of courage" as prizes: large chocolate coins taped to long purple ribbons that can be hung around kids' necks.)

*What's Behind the Curtain: Before Wizard of Oz birthday party, cut a hole in the side of a box. Spray paint the box green (optional). Use a stapler and green fabric to make a curtain where the hole is. Place several theme related objects in the box: stuffed "Toto" dog, small scarecrow, heart-shaped item, small witch hat, etc.

Gather the kids into a circle. The players take turns reaching their hands into the curtain. They must touch and feel the objects trying to identify what they are without looking.

*Melt the Witch: Mount a printed image (or drawing) of Witch on the fence outside the house. Prepare a box of water balloons. Have the kids throw balloons to "melt" the witch from a distance.

*Wizard of Oz Bowling: For this Wizard of Oz birthday party activity, you'll need several empty 1-gallon milk jugs. Staple or tape images of Wizard of Oz characters onto the jugs. Place them a significant distance away from where the kids will be standing. Put plastic soda bottles in between the jugs. Give the kids small- to medium-sized balls, and get them to knock off as many bottles and jugs as they can, just like in a bowling alley.

*Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Before the party, draw or cut out large rectangular shapes from yellow construction paper (enough for everyone but one guest). Tape the shapes in a circle on the ground in the play area.

Get the kids to walk around the circle while Wizard of Oz theme music is playing. When the music stops, the kids must occupy one of the cutouts as fast as they can. The person who doesn't find one, goes out of the game and receives a prize. Continue playing until there is only one player left.

*Hot Toto: Here is a Wizard of Oz party variation of "Hot Potato" game, where the kids get to pass stuffed Toto dog while the music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding Toto goes out of the game but receives a prize.

*Wizard of Oz Hunt: For this Wizard of Oz birthday party activity, you'll need construction paper or index cards, scissors, and three different kinds of treasures for hiding.

Choose a theme for the hunt. For example, "Birthday Food" where all the treasures lead to a meal. Another popular theme is "Tea Time" where treasures include cups, herbal tea bags and honey or cinnamon sticks.

Acquire treasures suitable for the theme and hide them in three different rooms or parts of your yard. Draw and cut out stars from construction paper and place them near the treasures (or use index cards).

Write clues on stars. Use clues that would be easy for children to solve, such as "I'm cold on the inside, and I run all day and all night." (Answer: refrigerator). Other clues may include the following: "The place where the birthday child watches cartoons?" (Answer: TV room), "The place where boys and girls love to play with bubbles?" (Answer: bathroom), or "The place where sometimes snoring can be heard?" (Answer: bedroom).

At game time, have the kids follow the clues to find hidden treasures.

*Watch the Show: Invite the kids to watch a show to unwind at the end of the party!




answers from Raleigh on

The rule of thumb is 3 other children and the birthday girl. So, for 3 yrs old, keep it simple. Have good small snacks for little hands, juice boxes for no spill. Have some good toys set up, and the kids will play by themselves. Games are difficult at this age. Good luck.



answers from Raleigh on

Kids are really easy to please at her age. The Party Store usually has games they can play. You can have the children dress up like the characters and recite their favorite line from the move. Or not have them dress up and play scharades (or however you spell it) and they can guess what character the person is portraying. And try to find a pinyata. Kids love that too. If no one is strong enough to break it, you can do it for them.



answers from Wilmington on

Hello A.,

For my boys, we usually rent a bouncing castle from All about fun, James ###-###-####, tell him S. Jackson from Lemming Ct referred you. But anyway this is always fun for the kids to enjoy bouncing all day. His website is



answers from Charlotte on

I heard that YMCA can accomodate some theme B-day parties. You may want to ask them if they can do the Wizard of Oz for her. Good luck!



answers from Greensboro on

A., I cheated a bit and took this off line: ( and also for additional ideas listed by age:(

Wizard of Oz Party for 6-9 year olds: My Daughter decided on a Wizzard of Oz Party. My daughter had to be Dorothy and she asked all her friends to come in costume (something to do with the movie - a witch, munchkin, scarecrow etc) We made a big sign for our door that read "Emerald City - Welcome". We had a witch's legs with red sparkle shoes sticking out from our garage, and a yellow brick road leading up to our house (Make from mural paper). When the children entered our house everything was decorated in green cutlery, crepe paper, table cloths, baloons etc. Glenda the good witch welcomed them (me in my wedding dress.)The children then played freeze dancing to the wizard of oz sound track the winner took home a prize. The kids then cooled off with some witches brew (green Kool Aide). The next game was find the poppies, the children gathered poppies (cut out of paper) but when the wicked witch touched them (a friend of mine) they had to fall asleep. Then the good witch (me in my wedding dress) sprinkled snow on them (little baking flour) they got to wake up and continue looking for poppies. The person with the most poppies at the end wins. We then played pin the heart on the tin man (same rules as pin the tail on the donkey) just the kids had to pin hearts on a life size drawing of the tin man I used the mural paper to draw the tin man). We then had a pinata game. The pinata was a crow, beside it was a scarecrow the kids had to break the pinata to save the scarecrow. The wicked witch then surprized the kids by coming and stealing Dorothy and taking her to the witches castle (any room will do) the kids were divided into two teams, then given a map to find Dorothy. The map showed points they had to go to in order to find Dorothy, when they reached a station they had to answer a question about the wizard of oz eg What is Dorothys dog's name. You can make the questions as hard or easy as you want. Once the kids answered the question correctly they got a stamp on their map and they went to the next station. Once they got all the stamps they went to save Dorothy. They passed the map under the door of the room she was hidden in and the witch opend the door. The kids were armed with a bucket of confetti to throw on the witch who then melted dramaticly. The kids took the witches broom and collected their prizes. We then opened presents and ate our wizzard of oz cake. My husband then jumped in to the room and said I am the wonderful wizard of oz who has the witches broomstick!!! The team with the broom gave it to the wizard and he gave them medals of courage (made from cardstock). Then the wizard told the kids to click their heals together and their parents would come and take them home. Parents soon arrived and the kids went home. This party was alot of fun and my daughters loved helping make the decorations. It is alot of preperation but worth the effort.

I hope that helps a bit
S. J



answers from Greensboro on

Go to the website
They have all kinds of awesome ideas!

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