Mom Seeking Afterschool Transportation Houston, TX

Updated on August 17, 2006
S.S. asks from Houston, TX
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I need help finding afterschool transportation for my 9 year old daughter. She goes to Longfellow Elem. in the Reliant area. She is walking home from school and that is scary. I would really need to find some one (or company) that can pick up up from school and drop her off at home. Can you help.

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There is a church near Longfellow (Bethany Methodist Church) that offers after school care for kids at Longfellow. They pick up the kids.

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S., hello! My name is Candance and I am also a single parent. My son is 6 years old. It is scary that your daughter is walking home from school, but I know that as a working single parent, your options are limited. Is there a YMCA close to you? The Y offers after-school transportation to many of the schools located within a certain area. They may provide services to your daughter's school. If not, or if they are too expensive, ask her school for some suggestions. They usually can provide a list of after-school transportation services in the area.

Best wishes!



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What time do you need the transportation,I can help with that,I live kind of close to the Reliant. let me know



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Wow S.,
Your request read almost word for word like mine. After considering all my options (which weren't many to begin with), I had to post an ad to hire a driver. After discovering the school's bus would have dropped her off too far to walk - I tried to find a bus (public and private) that could pick up my 10 year old daughter and take her from one side of Allen Parkway to the other. I bet we aren't the only ones with this problem.
If you happen to get ANY responses please let me know. I've tried the school district, the private buses and have gotten nowhere.
These are children we are talking about - it shouldn't be this hard to find help we can trust.
[email protected]

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