Mom Seeking Accountant for Start-up Business.

Updated on September 01, 2008
K.S. asks from Burbank, CA
4 answers

Hi I'm starting a new business and need help with the numbers. Looking for someone reasonable or flexible with rates.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ronald S. Cheifer, CPA

He's reasonable, attentive, personable. I highly recommend him. give him a call.


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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi K.,

How are you?
I saw your request and I think we can make this happen. I have a home business that provides bookkeeping to a very diverse clientele. My rates are flexible and so is my schedule. I just needed to know if you are in the LA area or local to it, and the exact scope of the business.

I have been working with my husband in this line of business for several years, and I can present you with very happy referrals. We are currently seeking for more clients, and I hope you cold become one. Please call my husband (carlos ###-###-####), he can get you an estimate over the phone, so you can have an idea of hour rates and services...

Have a great Labor Day weekend,
K. Lemanski



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi K.,

I do not have any formal training, but I have been handling all of my family's finances from day one, including bills, insurance, taxes, retirement plans, budgeting, etc. I am very good with numbers and an intelligent, responsible person.

I've been on my own since two weeks after my 18th birthday and using my financial prowess I managed to put myself through college in 4 years, buy a car, study abroad and make two major moves on my own - once to New York City and once to Los Angeles. I've been in LA for almost 14 years now. I'm happily married for 11 years with two little girls.

What exactly would you need someone to do and what kind of time commitment are you looking for? Is this something that could be done remotely? What is your budget?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you.

Take care,

T. D.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hello K. my name is L. F. and I would love to discuss your accounting needs. My skills include light bookkeeping for two restaurants and account payable for a construction company. In addition, taking care of our family finances has been my responsibility for over 6 years. This could be a great way for both of us to improve our skills. Numbers seem to be my strong point, my typing is good, also. If you are still interviewing, please contact me at ###-###-####, I live in San Gabriel/Temple City area and I'm more than willing to travel.

L. F.
[email protected]

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