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Updated on January 04, 2009
R.T. asks from Glendale, CA
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Has anyone used the online sitter services like SitterCity? My husband recently got a fulltime job, which is a blessing in this crazy economy, but the problem is our daycare closes at 6p and he gets off work at 6p and I get off at 7p. I am looking for someone to pick my 2yr old son up from daycare and spend an hour with him until we get home. Not sure these are enough hrs for a nanny. It is only 2 hr a day M-F. But I am looking into a nanny also. I don't want to trust just anyone with my baby! Any suggestions?

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answers from Honolulu on

I would get a Nanny, that is what my cousin does for his 2 kids, for those reasons & parameters as well.

Through your local Mommy groups or clubs, ask around, or ask your Pediatrician if they know of any.

ALWAYS background check them. Always.

Or, if you have family in town, ask them, and sure, offer them a monetary amount, to be fair. Also, "retired" women are sometimes open to that as well. Or, perhaps a neighbor that you trust (and background check just in case).
Or, another Mom that you know from your son's daycare can care for him for that short period? (background check them too).

Also important, is you want to be sure they know first-aid, and CPR, etc. and IF they are going to transport your child... make sure they are insured etc. And have something they want to make sure you also fill-out appropriate paper-work to cover all bases. AND, you'll need to make sure that the person who will be picking up your child, has a car seat in their car as well, that you provide.

Good luck,

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answers from Los Angeles on

I myself am a sitter (nannied all thru college and worked in social services for some time), and I am registered with It is a very good site and offers background checks on the careproviders. I would offer my help but I am not able to commit to those times. But if you need a sitter for a date night I am available.

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answers from Reno on

Hi I have a licensed Daycare in the Daycare of Sparks and I am open to 7:00 P.M. everyday also on the weekends. I charge $120 a week plus meals included.
if this works for you please call me at ###-###-####




answers from Los Angeles on

Hi R.,

Those may be short hours but with the right amount of pay a nanny may be happy to do it. I've used Mollycoddlers in the past and they've been great. It's privately owned so the owner Shanna gives you very personal attention and is the only person you will talk to (other than the nannies you interviw :) My husband and I used Mollycoddlers for sitting services and again when we needed to hire a nanny. The website is

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

what area do you live in

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