Mom of a 6 Year Old with ADHD and Possible Bi-Polar

Updated on January 09, 2007
L.E. asks from Show Low, AZ
8 answers

I am looking for someone who has experience with this. I have 2 other children who are younger, and they are suffering because of his problems.

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answers from Phoenix on

Wow - we have some things in common. I also have three small children and my oldest (also 6) has ADHD (that's the common consensus, anyway). I am bipolar myself, and I know what emotional illness can do to a family, having the disorder cause problems in my home growing up and now in my own family. First of all, six is REALLY young for a doctor to declare a person bipolar. That kind of diagnosis is much more accurate in children who are at least post-puberty. It is also highly hereditary. There are a number of treatment options, not the least of which are medications, which is my current heartache. I've had my chemistry messed with since I was 14 years old, and my baby is only six himself. We tried one medication which caused all kinds of miserable side effects, and have been to many "professionals", the latest of which has told me that he should never have been prescribed that medication because it's not even effective in treating ADHD. You have to put so much trust in doctors and drug companies to decide on any particular regiment and I myself have been really torn lately. I'm on my knees everyday praying for my little guy and the rest of our family. I try so hard to make sure my younger children have their fair share of attention that I may be overcompensating. And I hate to admit it, but my son's condition has affected my ability to connect with him the way I want so much to. I'm sorry, I don't suppose I've been very helpful here, but I had to respond since your situation sounds so much like mine at the moment. If you need a willing ear or someone to bounce decisions off of, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] plenty of grace to you - you sound like such a dedicated parent! :)



answers from Albuquerque on

I worked at UNM's Children's Psychiatric Center for the past 6 years as a Teacher and Mental Health Tech. I have experience with ADHD and Bi-polar and would be happy to help if I can. You can call me if you'd like- ###-###-####.
~K. Rodriguez



answers from Tucson on

Hello!! Your post hits home with me so I wanted to respond. I have a 10 year old that is adopted and we often 'dance' around diagnosis such as yours mentioned along with RAD.
She is our oldest and at times, drains our family of any happiness. I will always love and fight for her but it is a struggle. The hardest part for me was having 'her earn' time with me and still making time to spend with our other children (away from her and all together). I have had to teach them to protect themselves and to not always 'copy' her behavior,etc. It is so hard, isn't it?? They are all unique children but when things are out of our control it can be very lonely.
There have been alot of posts lately about bipolar/adhd behavior issues lately. Have you taken your child to the doctor or a therapist yet? That should be your first step. Also, I hear alot about diet and nutritional needs so maybe that is worth looking into as well. Also there is a book called The Bipolar Child. It may help with questions or just education!
I can tell you from our own experience, we had to buy an alarm for my DD's door for a few years. I was so afraid of her wandering or just being out of control, at night. I actually started sleeping better because I knew we were all safe. Also, look into paradoxical parenting. Its a style that seems to really work for our oldest. It is different but really diffuses alot of power struggles that she and I have. (She is VERY controlling of everything at times). If you need more help, feel free to email me!! Take care, H.



answers from Fort Collins on

ADHD is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. My son has it. He is 16 now, but I can tell you some horror stories about his childhood. The newest studies say that ADHD is usually diagnosed with other issues. Ex. Autism, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Learning disabilities, etc. My son suffers from Anxiety, Depression, and Anger management issues. I have always tried to keep communication open between my son and me. I asked him when he was about 5 or 6 if he thought that counseling would be helpful. I also took him to a psychiatrist who specialized in children and adults with ADHD. They did testing for 6 months before they decided that was what they thought he had. We have been through Autism testing as well. I have fought with many different teachers and IEP boards in order for my son to get the best education. If you need to talk to someone about school issues, I am always ready to lend an ear. I can also go with you to school meetings, especially if he is in special education. I have dealt with schools in several states during the course of his illness. I also endorse educating yourself about what ADHD is and what options you have. I had AOL when Alex was first diagnosed and I found online support groups and chat rooms. They also had lots of resource information. I bought my son the Joey Pigza books and read them to him. He was excited that there were books about other kids with the same problems. If you are interested in reading these books, Jack Gantos is the author. There are two other books in the series.

Joey Pigza Series:
Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key (1998)
Joey Pigza Loses Control (2000)
What Would Joey Do? (2003)

I am happy to say that when Alex hit puberty, he settled down and now is off of all medication. He is still in Special Ed., because his development is not where it should be. ADHD kids tend to be more immature and not as socially adept as other kids. I was lucky to find another woman in my neighborhood with two boys that had ADHD. We soon became best friends. No one understands what you are going through like someone who is dealing with the same issues.

If you would like to contact me, my e-mail is [email protected] or you can call me at ###-###-####. Good luck and best wishes.




answers from Phoenix on

my son is 12 with adhd any ? just ask i been throough it a long time ###-###-####



answers from Santa Fe on

A Friend of mine had a son with this and I've been told that doing cranial sacral therapy would help with the ADHD. Some Chiropractors can do this, and there are specialists as well. Again I don't have any experience in this area, but this is what I've heard, it couldn't hurt to look into it!



answers from Phoenix on

I have a similar problem. My boy is now 11. I have a 15 year old girl and a 1-1/2 year old boy as well. My son Adam makes every single day a challenge for all of us. They thought he was adhd but it is actually a chemical unbalance. What could I help you with?



answers from Phoenix on

hey im actually bi-polar so if u have any q's or wanna talk go ahead i will try 2 help u as much as i can 2 understand the illness

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