Mom Looking for Neocate

Updated on February 08, 2008
M.C. asks from Tulsa, OK
8 answers

Does anyone have any Neocate or know of a way to get Neocate at a discounted price?

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answers from Kansas City on

Check with all your local pharmacies. Since its a special formula many will have to order it in for you. You may also try your local WIC department and see if they are aware of any pharmacies that can carry it. Your doctor can also call in the formula for you and have it special ordered.

Check out:

Look up their reimbursement link.
I hope your daughter is doing well.



answers from St. Louis on

I didn't know what Neocate was when I read your question so I ad to look it up. I dont' really know what a good price is since I have never neede dto use it but you can get it on Ebay. I also found this link when I searched.
Hope that helps!



answers from Kansas City on

My daughter was on Neocate as well so I understand your situation. I looked on Ebay and bought it from there. It's great because some of the time you can tell you're buying it from people who have leftover from when their child was on it and grew out of it. Be careful of expiration dates. I had great luck buying it on there and could get it for about $11 - $12 a can vs $40 at the pharmacy. Good luck!!



answers from Kansas City on

Have you searched the web? I searched on google with "buy neocate" and found several websites. I did find and searched with neocate formula and found several prices. Have you talked to your doctors office to see of they can order it and you and them reimburse them? I have a cousin that does that for her child that needs additional nutritional supplements and it saves her a lot of money.



answers from Memphis on

My friend buys her formula from e-bay. She uses nutramagin (sp??). It's cheaper by a few dollars a case.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I had a preemie with an intestinal perforation who was on Neocate. It is so expensive! The PP had some good suggestions. I also looked at the Neocate website and they have a form you can fill out to see if you qualify for any assistance programs.

Additionally if you have good insurance coverage you can get your doctor to write it as a prescription, because it is medically necessary.

Also I know formula is not tolorated well in these babies. Have you considered donor breast milk? You might contact the Milk Bank about getting a few ounces to try. Another place is MilkShare, mother-to-mother donation. My preemie was able to get off all special formulas by 6mo/3mo adj. Email me if you want to chat.



answers from St. Joseph on

I had a grandchild on neocate and the way I found it was on ebay. If you do this watch the expiration dates on it tho. But this is where I found it for son and wife..



answers from Springfield on

Are you on WIC? It has been my experience that if the Dr. has strict orders on your child only having this certain formula, WIC will provide it. If you are not on WIC and do not qualify I would ask your Dr. if he/she could prescribe it to you so that your insurance will help you pay for it. I have had my Dr. prescribe Pedialite before, so the formula should not be an issue since it is medically necessary. Hope this helped!

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