Mom Looking for Advice Regarding Automobile Accident/being Sued

Updated on January 07, 2010
B.H. asks from Detroit, MI
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back in 2008 I had an auto accident where I hit another car from behind. Nearly a year after the accident someone drops off a court information and I was just told to give it to my insurance company. I turned in the supoeana and about six months later the insurance company settled for $30,000.00. The other day someone drops off another supoena and said that it was for the same accident. I told him it only involved one car. Now it appears that there was another person in the car and they are trying to sue as well. I'm not understanding why they did not do this in the beginning when the 1st person decided to sue.
The whole process has left me mentally exhausted when I think about it. Plus, no one accepted any medical help at the time of the accident and no one got inside the ambulance. However, according to the info. I received everything under the sun is wrong with them physically. Nothing was left out. I'm wondering if I need an attorney? Or if my insurance co. is going to give me a hard time now that they are asking to pay out more money?
Has anyone had experience with this type of issue.

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answers from Detroit on

I would call your insurance agent and talk to them.

Here is a scenario I experienced...
I was in an accident years ago that i was the one hit from behind in PA.(other driver was not licensed, driving a car he did not have permission to, and the car was out of regestration and inspection) And even though we were not injured enough to justify paying out of OUR pocket for an ambulance ride to the hospital (no insurance and we would have been charged close to a grand for the ride EACH) we were driven to the ER by my mom. I was in pain for a while after that and my sister who was preggers and her then 1 yr old were also evaluated. Because of my sisters pregnancy they could not xray her hand which thankfully ended up NOT broken but hurt like gehenna.

There were multiple claims since there were multiple people. Our lawyer told us that until ALL of our medical came back as being good (sisters baby delivered and healthy, my seeing a chiropractor, etc) that they would not even enter the claim.

It can take a while...

My question to you is was this second person listed as being in the car on the police report?

The insurance companies will investigate and will prove or disprove any claims. Its why we pay for them. :-) If it is a personal suit then you should get a lawyer... Otherwise get ahold of your insurance rep and discuss it with them to see what your next step should be.

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I think you need a lawyer. Talk to your insurance company about this. It sounds very unfair to me.



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I would contact a lawyer. This is probably happening because of the amount that the other person recieved. Here is a number of a Christian lawyer that advertise on WMUZ 103.5 FM. The name is Goodwin & Scieszka and the phone number is 1-888-GOODWIN or you can visit thier website at We contacted them when we had a situation with our dog and our daughter in 2008. They give free advice over the phone as well. I'm praying for you during this whole situation.



answers from Lansing on

Hi B.,

I used to work for a local insurance company. I didn't do claims but I did underwrite automobile insurance. DO NOT contact an attorney until you speak with your auto insurance rep first!!!! The insurance company has lawyers. This is the reason you pay premiums. If for any reason you do need to get your own attorney, your rep will let you know. Good luck!




answers from Detroit on

Just give the 2nd notice to your insurance company. Tell them about the fact that no one sought medical attention at the time. Insurance companies are trained to deal with this.



answers from Grand Rapids on

If you would like you can get a hold of me off list you can do that. i worked in the auto insurance for a while, so can give you help on this one. The first thing to do, is to call into your insurance company, and tell them about this supoeana, and find out your claim number and the adjuster on the case. Then send them the paperwork and let them deal with it. Make sure to communiciate with them throughout the process though.

Depending on the state the accident took place, there can be all sorts of things that need to happen. The adjuster for the insurance company will know what they need to do. You have insurance for cases like this. If they have to pay more out let them make those decisions. They won't drop you because of it.

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