Mom ISO Special Needs Daycare?

Updated on September 08, 2006
M. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Hey everyone, my name is M. and I am in search of a Special Needs daycare for my 2 1/2 year old boy who might have Autism or some sort of behavioral issues. His PCP believes he shows Austistic like behaviors and now we are in the process of getting him evaluated but you all know how medical insurance companies and doctors are and how long it can take. In the meantime my son has been through two at home daycares and one regular daycare and basically he shows behavior that most providers can't handle. So if anyone knows of someone who knows how to handle children with Special Needs/Behavioral problems, or a daycare please email me and give me some information so I contact them as soon as possible. I am beyond desperate right now, I might have to call in for several days just because I don't have someone to watch my son. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



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Hi M.,

I'm in the Lakehills area of Bandera County so we're neighbors. I've been looking for a nanny to come to my home and finally found a wonderful person. In searching, I ran across a lady that, by trade, is a pediactric nurse but she wants to be a nanny. Perhaps she'd suit your needs. I couldn't afford her as she wants $16.00 per hour. Her name is Beth Cooper and you can email her at [email protected]

Best of luck to you and your family.



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My son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at age 2. Call Ester Seals NOW - call the school district, call One For Autism, on Huebner, and ask for any references for child care. If you son has autism or anything on the spectrum, you will need help, and support. There are not that many child care facilities that are capable in dealing with children with special needs. One that I have heard about, but cannot give any references for, is Mi Casa in the Medical Center area, I think it is on Ewing Halsell, or somewhere near there.

Get on the web, check with the San Antonio Autism Society, One for Autism will have the name/number of the person who is head this year, and check with them to see if there are any recommendations.

The double edged sword you face is that children with Autism do best in a blended environment - where they are surrounded by children who are typically developing neurologically for them to model their behavior and learn what is appropriate. Hate to tell you but this is not fun, it is not easy, but when your child makes step by step improvements, it is worth it.

Buy the book The Out of Sync Child, check on It is a fountain of information even if your child does not have autism - the sensory issues affecting children can be overwhelming.

Call 211, that is a United Way hotline, and they may have good recommendations given your circumstances. Hang in there - be nice to yourself, this is not your fault, and stay healthy-eat right, exercise, and take yoga - all will help you deal with everything you are facing. If your child does have Autism or something on the spectrum, get the following: 1-a handicapped parking tag application from your pediatrician, and take it to the DMV asap, and two, meet with your personal physician and get on an antidepressant. Don't wait until you are exhausted, overwhelmed and unable to function. Too many people depend on you, and if you are ill, immobilized from exhaustion,fear, guilt, stress, you will only hurt yourself and your child. Go to the Autism Society Meetings every 3rd saturday at Lutheren Shepard of the Hills Church on Wurzbach, and call Any Baby Can as soon as possible and get a case manager through them - they can help navigate this path for you. God Bless.



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Don't know of any but there are a lot of agencies that can help like Easter Seal. They may be able to direct you. Also, he is eligible for special education services through your corresponding school district by the age of 3. Call the district and ask someone in the special education dept to direct you to community agencies who can in turn help you. Hope this helps good luck. I have an autistic nephew. My sister was fortunate enough to stay home.



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I have a son who is 8 with Aspergers and a nephew who is 3 with Autism. This summer i had put my son in day summer camp at
Enrichment Academy ###-###-#### 7500 Eckhert Rd # 140.
It is an inclusion daycare and they have many special needs children there. The Directors name is Mandy and she is very friendly. My son liked it because they keep it simple and the lights are dim. He has sensory issues as well. He had a hard time in daycare when he was younger so i have always stayed hom with him. My youngest has started kinder this year. If you want him in a small home setting email me and maybe i can help out. I am not a daycare provider but i do have experiance in dealing with Autistic children. I know it is hard to find someone. To this day the only person i will let babysit my son is my mom or my sister. Others just have a hard time understanding the situation. You can check with the school district and see if they can diagnose him as well. My sons Doctor started testing the same time the school district did and the school district testing was more thorough.
My best,
J. [email protected]



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I recently discovered my son suffers from Sensory Integration Syndrome--a "milder" form of Autism. My pediatrician gave me a packet of info, "Reaching Families Facing Autism--San Antonio Resource Guide."

There is so much info--I think you would greatly benefit from it. I would be more than happy to send you a copy if you feel comfortable in giving me your address.

In the meantime, here is a bit of info that I found in the packet regarding childcare. Hope it helps:

Day Care:
4. Child Care Delivery Systems (CCDS)----Provides funding for payment of childcare. Contact Dolores @ ###-###-####.


Again, I'd like to get this packet to you. There is info on everything from places to get haircuts, camps, dentists, medical aid programs, music therapy, restaurants, & support groups (which we moms really need).

Hang in there & God Bless~

[email protected]



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I see you have had a response already mentioning sensory integration. At 3 that is what my son was diagnosed with. We had tons of Doctors tell us it was Autism. It wasn't until we moved to Dallas, Texas and found an awesome Doctor that saw beyond Autism and referred us to a awesome Occupational Therapist. They worked with our son for 2 years. He is 9 now with a bright future.. Those early days were ruff - the blessing is you have discovered this early on- which means if you get him the help he needs now by 5 or 6 you will see a totally different child. Our OT recommended a wonderful book to read while we were going through all of these changes. This will help you in many ways as SID is very similar to Autism. I believe many child get miss diagnosed because not many physicians really understand what SID is.. Today though I think the medical profession is becoming more aware than it has in the last 10 years. Insurance can be a pain, many think of OT as experimental treatment and not proven to work- so push forward on that and don't let insurance companies push you around or keep you from getting the care your child needs. Here is a link to this awesome book:

Here are a couple links to some other sites that have sensory toys and such that can help your child in their environment. If you do find a childcare facility you may want to purchase some to help him through the days he is in childcare. The less stimulating atmosphere the better.

I wish I could help you with childcare- I stay home with my children and not sure what I would of done if I had to work when my son went through this.

Another thing I also did in my home that really helped our son was completely de-tox our home from toxic products. There are so many on the Market. I have created a blog to share this information- your more than welcome to read on that.

It is going to be very hard to find a facility that specializes in special needs children. Check with your Childs doctor or a children's hospital in the area- they might have some referrals or better suggesstions.

Hope my response has helped some.
Blessings, C.