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Updated on August 17, 2011
B.W. asks from Plano, TX
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My daughter will be having her 14th birthday in a few weeks and one of her gifts will be a Mom/Daughter Day Out. She has 5 other siblings so this will be a fun time for just the two of us. We get along well and have fun together so that's a plus. I'm looking for something in the DFW area, possibly staying overnight somewhere.

She's a girly girl, though mature for her age. She's not outdoorsy and doesn't like watching sports. She LOVES movies and wants a career in the film industry. Anyone have ideas in this area other than going to or renting a movie? Or is there an amazing theater somewhere? :-)

She also LOVES clothes, make-up, her cell phone and reading.

I've considered taking her to Glamour Shots or doing a mini spa.

Money is a consideration, but I could splurge a bit. (I certainly can't keep up with her "Disneyland Dad" who took her on a week long, multi-state tour of theme parks last year!)

She and I don't get out much alone (except to the mall) so any and all ideas welcome!


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How about a bed and breakfast close to a mall? Plenty of mom and daughter time and a little shopping. In a nice atmosphere.

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Hi B.!

Your daughter sounds a lot like me! :-) I was very much like her when I was younger... and I have a super fun idea to share with you...

Have you heard of The Shops at Legacy? It's in Plano at Legacy & the Tollway and it's fabulous!!! It's a really trendy kinda swanky shopping center with really fun, cute boutiques and nice restaurants, a spa, urban loft apartments, an Angelika theatre, a "lake" with a trail, and a Marriott hotel. My husband and I used to live in the apartments there (in our first year of marriage) and it was so much fun! I say you could get a room at the Marriott, go get dinner at Mi Cocina (mexican), Taco Diner (mexican), Nicola's (really nice italian), Sal's (a diner-ish, italian pizzeria - SO good), Main Street Cafe & Bakery (kinda like Le Madeline) or Fireside Pies (a nicer, trendy gourmet pizza place). (There are many more restaurants, but those are the ones that I think would be price and age appropriate. Unless you think your daughter needs a $40 steak at Bob's Steak and Chophouse! hehe) Then you could go to a movie at the Angelika. It's a really cool art house theatre. There's a beautiful huge crystal chandelier hanging in the center of the lobby and they serve coffee drinks, wine, and desserts that you can take into the theatre. (I would search it first to see what movies are playing and if they are appropriate for your daughter. If there are none she would enjoy or could see, there is a regular theatre at Park & the Tollway.

Then you could go back to the hotel for some good girl time. You could get up the next morning and walk to breakfast at the Main Street Bakery & Cafe and then possibly get pedicures or something at the Woodhouse Day Spa. (There are a couple of other nail places, but that would probably be the most fun... feels really glamorous!) Then, you could spend the day browsing around the boutiques, and if you wanted head down the tollway to the Shops at Willowbend or the other direction to Stonebriar in Frisco... and then there's always ice cream at the Coldstone Creamery!!!!

Here is the website if you want to take a look at what's there:

Angelika Film Center:

Have fun!
I hope this idea at least inspires you a little! :-)




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The best memories I have with my mom is when she took me to the ballet or opera. If you daughter loves the theatre, which I do also, she might like to go to Fair Park and see an opera. "Tosca" is showing soon. Make sure you study up on what the story line is first. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable is you know what is happening. Splurge for good seats. It is so worth the additional cost.



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I have done that kind of thing each year since my oldest was about that age. Instead of spending on a hotel, I do normal stuff and just do it all. We get out early, do some shopping (usually for things she needs anyway), and then have lunch. Then we go get manicures and pedicures, which I think works better than spa stuff because we get to be together. We usually end up doing some more shopping, but once we went home and rested. Then we get gussied up for dinner, do that, and then see a late movie. Nothing on it's own is terribly expensive, and for her it's the impact of all the uninterrupted time. Like I said, we do it every year now. Oh, and Studio One at the mall has online coupons for free sessions, usually including the glamour session. I think their photography looks amazing for a mall chain.



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There is in Plano a childrens theatre that will costume, make up and script her and rehearse her and a few friends and let her perform all in 90 minutes or so they will do the cake thing after if you like
another great idea for this time is the mall food court w a few friends and then go to all the girly places they are into together like Claires the accesories store etc.



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you should take her to the mall and then go shopping and see if they have a day spa or get you and ur daughter hair and nails done the same style then get something to eat then hit the movie theater



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The Studio Movie Grill would be a fun option. It's nice to be able to eat dinner while you watch a movie. They usually have current movies out as well so if there is something she wants to see it shouldn't be an issue.

My daughter is almost 13 and for her last party we did the magic time machine and stayed overnight in a 2 room sweet with 2 of her friends. We went to the hotel first and pampered ourselves and then got dressed up and went to dinner. I also stocked the fridge with goodies for the night and we made pancakes the next morning. It was really fun!!!



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Call Shelly with Shelly's Skin Care.....she just did a pamper party for my daughter and they loved it! Shelly makes each of the girls feel so special and of course, the birthday girl gets treated like a princess. Her number is ###-###-####. Tell her S. sent ya...

She's very reasonable...tell her your situation. She was a single Mom at one time so totally understands. You'll be the Bomb...surpass Disney Dad!



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My daughter and I just had mani/pedi's at Seventeen Spa. I was very impressed with the service. They really took their time and did a great job. The pedicure area is so comfortable. I think it is the best pedicure experience I have ever had, and my daughter loved it to!



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There are some really great photographers in Dallas, you should take her around downtown Dallas for a "PHOTO SHOOT". Get some friends to help with hair and makeup. the Magnolia Theatre is a great place for independent films, check them out, they always have great things going on. Then stay in a hotel near downtown?? If you need restaurant ideas or anything like that, I would love to help. Dallas is a great place. The American Film Festival will be coming to Dallas soon, also.


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