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Updated on June 03, 2012
K.D. asks from Lancaster, TX
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I really want to get a mole removed. Several years ago, I had it checked and the Dr said my skin would probably scar (it is on my face). I was wondering if anyone had a Dr they would recommend for this procedure. I was hoping maybe knew technology or treatment methods might provide some alternatives to the scarring. Also, I do not have insurance, so someone affordable and willing to work with me would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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answers from Spokane on

Hi K.,

I can't recommend anyone b/c I am from WA not TX, but wanted to let you know that I had 5 moles removed from my face, 3 from under my arm/armpit area and 2 on my lower back where my waistband rubs 3 years ago and I do not have any scars from any of them. It did take a few weeks for them to completely heal, but now you can't even tell where they were (except for 1 that was on my cheek and now it just looks like a small freckle/flat mole, but light in color).

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answers from Charlotte on

This is what the dermatologist told me that they do regarding moles or skin removed from the face. Back-to-back appointments with him and the plastic surgeon are set up, and he does the removal. He puts a dressing over it and then the patient goes to the plastic surgeon for them to finish up. That makes the best possible outcome for dealing with the mole (or pre-cancerous/cancerous cells) and reducing the scaring.

Good luck!

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answers from Redding on

I have a "beauty mark" under my left eye and another one near my left eye between my outer eyelashes and eyebrow. I've had them since I was little and never considered having them removed.

When I was in high school, a friend had a mole on her face that she was very self conscious about, had it removed, and then was self conscious of the scar.

About a year ago, I started getting what I thought was a little mole under my right eye. But, it started growing quickly, got crusty and scabby. I thought maybe I had been too rough on it taking makeup off or washing with my facial scrub. Then, it began to hurt. I was afraid it was skin cancer and went to the dermatologist. He said it had to be removed and biopsied right away. I didn't even care if it left a scar, I just wanted it off. He took it off and then cauterized it to stop the bleeding. I had to wear a bandage for two or three days without taking it off. When I did, I almost fainted. I looked like someone had burnt me with a cigarette. It was gross and much bigger than I expected. I had to keep vaseline and a bandaid on it every day for what seemed like an eternity, especially if I was going to be in the sun.

Now for the GOOD news!
It wasn't cancer, but it needed to come off because it would have just kept growing and believe it or not....I have no scar.
With an absolutely clean and bare face, if you look really, really closely, the skin there is a little bit lighter, but it's where I use cover-up under my eyes anyway and you can't even tell.

My doctor did a great job! I'm in California so that won't help you much, but it really is possible to have things removed with minimal if any scarring.

Best wishes to you!

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answers from Chicago on

Get a second opninion from another dermatologist. Many of them can remove it successfully without scaring however, if it is larger or more complex a definite visit to a plastic surgeon is in order :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

If it's on your face, your best bet would be to have a consultation w/ a plastic surgeon. A dermatologist could absolutely do it, but again, since it's on the face, I'd consult a PS. Generally what a derm will do is use a scalpel and scrape it right off flush at the skin. You don't say if it's raised or not. If it's not, they'll be taking more of the skin layer off, thus more potential for scarring.

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answers from Denver on

it depends on how much they take out. If its just a little punch it wouldnt scar too badly but if there are abnormal cells (which they will check for) they will go in and take more out. Insurance wouldnt cover it if it was cosmetic anyway. I just had one abnormal one removed and I have like a 1 inch long scar on my abdomen

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I am in California and don't have any recommendations in Texas, sorry.

I have had three squamous cell carconomas on my face: one on my left cheek, one in between my nose and right side of my mouth and the last one on my forehead. I went to plastic surgeons after recommendation from my dermotologist/pathologist. The one on my forehead was a tiny bump. Not discolored, barely raised and had not changed shape for a long time. The crazy thing was the size of a small nail head externally but had awful, deep roots that required a very deep excision and a quarter size hole in by head to get the borders!!! These geniuses (dermatologist/pathologist and plastic surgeon) created an "s"shaped flap and it can't be seen. I know it's there but I tell people about them and they can't believe it.

Yikes...just saw the part about not having insurance. I know mine would have been a fortune if I didn't have an Aetna PPO without a deductable. Any chance you will be getting it soon?

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answers from Minneapolis on

I'm not in your area but had a big mole removed from my nose 2 months ago at a "Skin and Laser" clinic after seeing them advertise scar-free facial mole removal. The mole had been there for as long as I could remember but I always assumed it would be a long and painful process, not to mention expensive. It took about 20 min. and looked like an open sore for a few days but after it scabbed over didn't look nearly as icky. I paid about $300. The most painful part was the lidocain (sp?) shots to numb (it was thick so it took a few) and the smell of the burning skin was pretty gross too, but it was all worth it. I can't tell it was ever there. I would definitely look into it if there's a cosmetic laser clinic near you. This one also did botox and stuff like that.

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