Mold Spots on Car Seat

Updated on December 01, 2009
N.R. asks from Tomball, TX
7 answers

I have just pulled my car seat out of the garage it was wrapped up in large plastic bags but somehow it got a little bit of mold on the canopy...i have never herd of a way of getting mold out of anything but i thought i would see if anyone else has...i did go to to get a replacement but they are out of stock and it could take up to 8 weeks to get restocked...any advice would be helpful...thanks and a bunch!!

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answers from Corpus Christi on

Lemon juice works wonders with alot of things I would give a try. All you would need to do is put some on and scrub with a old tooth brush, blot and repeat. When done use water to rinse and let dry. See if this helps in anyway. Worth the try, not expensive and easy.



answers from Austin on

Hi N.,
I had similar thing on canopy of our stroller. I Mix 1 cup full of clorox (with bleach) liquid with about 2 glass full of water. I used this mix and wire brush to rub on spots. and at my surprise all were gone. I did soak canopy in the mix but rubbing with wire brush did the trick. I put canopy out in sun to air dry. Now my stroller looks just new and it didn't leave any smell.
Hope this helps.



answers from Houston on

I have never been successful getting mold stain out of cloth without using bleach. Of course, if it is a colored fabric, using bleach will bleach the color.

I would advise you, though, to make a detailed inspection of the car seat. The plastic can become brittle over time making it unsafe to use. This can be caused by the extreme heat and cold they experience while sitting in the car (and possibly in storage). I've seen a lot of car seats today that have expiration dates on them because of the plastic.

I passed my infant car seat along to my sister who had a baby a year after my son was born. Thankfully, before they used it, my BIL inspected it and found it to have a crack in it.

You are also suppose to get rid of a car seat if you have an automobile accident, because its integrity can be compromised.

It is also not advised to buy a car seat from a garage sale or thrift shop because you don't know where it came from or what it has been through.



answers from San Antonio on

Vinegar would be my usual resource. But, my mother just rubbed out a bunch of mold off of a book with Listerine. It worked like a charm. I was surprised.



answers from Houston on

Can you detach it to throw in the wash? If so, wash with one part vinegar, one part hot water and wash on your hottest water temp. (Sanitation cycle if you have it).

If not, dry it out as mold can't survive in dry temps. Keeping it in the garage during this wet weather won't help.
Then I would spot clean with vinegar/water solution--HOT!

Here's a website about getting mold out of car upholstery:



answers from Odessa on

I have always used peroxide and it has always worked for me D.



answers from Victoria on

we got a very pretty car seat cover. it was silky material with a pretty blue pattern. it had some type of rust looking stains...i had no idea what they were. since the peice was pretty much ruined any way i went ahead and put shout on it ( a good amount ) and let it sit for several days. it says on the bottle not to do this but i always do on stubern stains. most of the stains were completly gone there were a few little ones that i shouted again and then they were all gone...not sure if i missed those the first go or if they just didnt come out. i dont like other brand stain removers shout...also i washed it in oxy that product also.

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