Updated on June 05, 2008
K.T. asks from Beverly, MA
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Hello Everyone.
I have a question, which actually concerns both my children, almost 8 and almost 2. What are the ages that you get molars? I think 2, 6, and 12? Someone correct me if I am wrong. My 2yr old has practically been stuffing her hand in her mouth to chew on, I can tell it is way in the back, and she is a bit fussy. Now my 8yr old, I was just told by the dentist has 2 of his 6yr old molars in the top, but the bottom 2 are still growing in. But I am confused as to why are 2 of his 6yr old molars still not in, if he is just turning 8yrs old? THEN......... when are the next ones due to come in? I hope somone can shed some light on this for me.

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answers from New London on

I wouldn't worry. My now 18 month old daughter has had 4 molars for a few months now but the teeth right in front of them still haven't come in. I can see them in there, they are just still making there way up (or down). She actually had an appointment a few days after the molars started coming in and the pediatrician wasn't concerned at all. I myself, still have 2 baby teeth, so everyone is a little different. You can't really predict when teeth are going to come in. Just wait patiently =)

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answers from Barnstable on

Teeth arent always predictable.

My daughter is 16 mos and now has 3 molars - 1 already all the way through and 2 coming in as we speak.
My friends one year old son is has a molar coming in now as well.



answers from Providence on

Hi you are correct about when the molars come in although that is just a guide. Every child is different and may be a little slower in losing and growing teeth. My son is 8 and had to have one of his front teeth pulled because it would not come out by itself and it may take a while for the adult tooth to grow in.They fall out in order top front, bottom front, and go back from there. They are usually done losing by 12.I am a dental assistant and you could find charts online.Google teeth eruption chart. T.



answers from Boston on

Don't worry too much. Children usually follow a pattern, if they originally cut teeth early, then they will probably be on the early side losing teeth & having molars come in. And the reverse is true. If a child is later cutting his/her 1st tooth, then he/she will tend to lose teeth (etc) later.

My daughter is 15 and she is just starting to cut her "12 year" molars.

FYI...I am obviously a mom, but I am also a dental hygienist!! You are taking your kids to dental professionals, they will keep an eye on things...try not to worry--teeth will erupt when they are ready!!



answers from Lewiston on

I had baby teeth that never grew in until I was in elementary school. THEN, I had baby teeth that never came out and had to pulled so my adult teeth could grow in! happens. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they all come out so the adult teeth have room to grow. I had to have braces!



answers from Boston on

teeth come when they come.. they don't follow a schedule.



answers from Boston on

Hi K.,
I have been a Dental Hygienist for about 20 years. Every kid gets their teeth differently. The 2yr old should be getting her last 4 baby molars which will give her 20 teeth. The 8yr old is a little behind getting his 6yr molars, but don't loose sleep. His teeth will come in, I have had 14yr olds getting their 2nd molars. I usually tell my patients when did their baby teeth come in if they were a little late his adult teeth will follow suit. Most of my kids that come in either get their top molars then the lower or vice versa. His 12yr molars are due between 12 to 14 in my experience. So take a deep breath everything will be just fine. It sounds like your daughter will take her time getting her teeth too, popcicles work great for her for a little relief. I hope this makes you feel a little better.
Have a great day,



answers from Hartford on

Oh K.,
You poor dear! Two kids getting molars--what fun! Here is the info our dentist gave us on molars:
Upper teeth--
eruption date of "first" molar: 13-19 months............. shedding date: 9-11 years
eruption date of "second" molar: 25-33 months....... shedding date: 10-12 years
Lower teeth--
eruption date of "first" molar: 14-18 months............ shedding date: 9-11 years
eruption date of "second" molar: 23-31 months....... shedding date: 10-12 years

Upper teeth--
eruption date of "first" molar (which would take place of "second" baby molar): 6-7 years
Lower Teeth--
eruption date of "first" molar: 6-7 years

In answer to your question about ages and names of teeth, they aren't the official names for those teeth. The "6 Year Molar" is the first adult molar. It has been nicknamed "6 year" because that is typically when they come in--the child's 6th year. But certainly do not worry! All of the molars (except wisdom teeth) are supposed to be in by age 13, if you look at the averages. I didn't get all of mine until well into high school. If you continue to have concerns, it certainly couldn't hurt to have a pediatric dentist thoroughly explain it to you. The limited information that I provided to you above is from a diagram from our dentist. It has a drawing of a child's mouth and an adult's mouth, and below is written every name of every tooth, average shedding dates, and average eruption dates for each one. It is titled "Growth Chart for Teeth." I'm sure that your dentist must have something similar--or would be able to direct you to where you would find such a chart. I have found it invaluable with both of my children.

After the "6 year" molars are in:
Upper teeth--
first premolar (first bicuspid): 10-11 years
second premolar (second bicuspid): 10-12 years
canine (cuspid): 11-12 years
second molar: 12-13 years
third molar: 17-21 years

Lower teeth--
canine (cuspid): 9-10 years
first premolar (first bicuspid): 10-12 years
second premolar (second bicuspid): 11-12 years
second molar: 11-13 years
third molar: 17-21 years

Also included with my information is the American Dental Hygienists' Association website. It is certainly worth a visit. I wish you the best with this. Some kids have no issues at all with teething, others can be miserable. Our first child has had some easy ones, some difficult. Number two has been terrible with each and every one. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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