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Updated on January 11, 2011
C.C. asks from Eau Claire, WI
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So finally after the last 2 weeks of dr appt after dr appt, I have a confirmed molar pregnancy. I'm fine with that, and with the fact that tomorrow morning I'm having a D & C to have it removed. My dilemma now is they suggest waiting a year before trying to get pregnant again. My husband and I want another one but I'm not sure that I want to wait a whole year. My son will be 3 in June and my oldest will be 10 in October. We decided that now was a great time to have another one with the age differences. In a year from now my youngest will be almost 4! My first 2 are 5 years apart and my husband and I didn't like the age gap so our middle and youngest are 22 months apart. Have any other mothers had this dilemma and what was your choice. The doctor said that it is something my husband and I need to decide. There is a slight risk that I could get a form of cancer that is only detected by a positive pregnancy test. My levels and scans show a minimal chance for this, I'm not part of the "high risk" group for cancer forming. So again, what would you do?!

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answers from Rapid City on

I would follow the doctors orders on this. My two youngest children are 4 years apart and grew up very close, closer then the oldest and middle which are only 17 months apart. Only daughter being my middle child. Thing about the cancer, you may not be high risk for it, but it sounds like it is an added risk so there is a chance, however slight, that you would get cancer and could leave the children motherless. One year closer in age isn't worth any amount of risk like that.

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answers from Chicago on

One year really isn't that long for the health of yourself and any future child. I ended up with a surprise C-section with child #2 after having had a normal birth with #1 (they were 17 mos apart). My #2 child apparently had a VERY SHORT (6") umbilical cord so induction failed when he couldn't come down and I couldn't progress. My OB/GYN that I trust HIGHLY advised me to wait 18 mos to get pregnant again to have the lowest possible risk of uterine rupture to do a VBAC (I want 3 more kids). My hubby and I waited....and waited... it is hard. But we did it because I honestly wanted to give any future pregnancy and myself the opportunity to do things right. Also, to decrease the risk of hemmorhage and rupture to avoid losing my uterus and possibly a baby. I have 2 little kids to think about in addition to what I want. I am now prego with #3 (we got pregnant 21 mos after my c-section).

I think you should just wait it out IMHO. But, of course, I am not in your shoes and not sure of your age limitations, etc. I am 32 and feel like time is on my side with regard to the pregnancies.

Best wishes and God bless.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

First of all, if you want another child, is a period of O. year really all that significant? My oldest brother is 9 years older than me and we are very close.

Also, it looks like the advice you're getting to wait O. year is sound. I found this:

"If the pregnancy has not ended on its own a suction D & C is usually used to evacuate the mole form the uterus. If a woman does not wish to continue with childbearing sometimes a hysterectomy is offered. Induction of labor is not recommended do to increased risks of hemorrhage.

On going treatment includes hCG levels to be taken several times a week, then weekly, until they are "normal" for three weeks. Then you will be tested monthly for six months, and every two months until a total of O. year has passed. Pelvic exams should be done too. A rising level of hCG and an enlarging uterus could indicate a choriocarcinoma.

Pregnancy should be avoided for the period of O. year. Any method of birth control, with the exception of an intrauterine device, is acceptable."


answers from Los Angeles on

You call it a dilemma.
It's not a dilemma.
It's a choice.
A dilemma is when there's isn't a choice.
Your choice is to do what the doctor recommends,
or to ignore what the doctor recommends.
Attempting to achieve a particular spacing between children
is an iffy proposition even under the best of circumstances.
I think you should play it safe . . . wait AT LEAST six or more months.



answers from Chicago on

A good friend had a molar pregnancy, and waiting that full year was hard. Even though you say you are not a part of the high risk, do you really want to risk it at all? I would wait the one year. I know it will be difficult, but you need to put your own health first.



answers from Milwaukee on

Is there a medical reason for the D&C? I had a miscarriage because of this too and I miscarried naturally. It took me a month or more to actually complete the miscarriage, but I was pregnant in a few months with no problems. The Dr. told me it was better to let your body do it naturally so you could become pregnant faster. With a D&C your uterus can be cut up and scarred. This is why they tell you to wait to get pregnant so your uterus can heal from the cuts caused by surgery. If this surgery is not necessary I would suggest letting your body expell it.


answers from Los Angeles on

I would be happy with the 3 babies you have, its a good number. I have 3, widely spaced, and its enough.


answers from Minneapolis on

My first pregnancy was a Molar pregnancy. More rare for my age (I was only 22 at the time). I had to go in each and every week, for a long time (about 8-10 weeks if memory serves) for a blood test to check my levels to make sure they went back to Zero. That was part of the Chorio-carcinoma is a cancer related only to pregnancy and occurs in the uterus in the cells that would have been the placenta and can quickly spread to the lungs. Each week my level dropped about in half. I got good at needles. UGH.

This was about 19 years ago. I was never told to wait a year, but certainly until my blood levels were back to zero, and I had a few flows to let my body "heal" and be "normal". Since it was unusual for my age group, I actually did a few interviews with some University Dr's (I worked for other University Dr's from other fields who hooked us up..I was a nanny), for them to use the info somehow?

I got pregnant that time on the pill, and again, 8 months later. I also miscarried that time (not a molar). Had one flow then pregnant again (no pill that time). Lost that one too...3 in less than a year. Nothing was linked to the Molar, but to the scar tissue that covered all but a thumb-nail space of my uterus. Had tests to determine that, eventually surgery, then pregnant again right away. A bit of a tough pregnancy (on IV's for the first 5 months, which scared me at first, since thats how things began with my sick I was on IV's)..but in the end, finally had my baby..and was done. This body was NOT made for making babies.

Good luck in your choice.



answers from Sioux Falls on

I had a partial molar pregnancy and had a D & C in May 2010. It took until August (weekly blood draws) for my HCG levels to get to zero. My doctor said that the normal recommendation is to wait a year because if your HCG levels go back up, there would be the uncertainly of whether I was pregnant again or whether their was concern with the molar pregnancy. Due to my age (I am 37), my doctor told me that you need to weigh the risks and told me that I could try again after 4 months of zero HCG (monthly blood draws). So it was about a total of 7 months that we waited - 3 months to get to zero and 4 months at zero. We were able to try again in Decemeber. Maybe talk with your doctor as you go along and see how long it takes for your levels to return to zero. In addition, even though you say you are fine with it, you are probably in a little bit of shock right now and may need/want some time to heal emotionally before trying again. I know the feeling of wanting to plan things (such as age differences, when you are on maternity leave, etc) - but these things are not things you can always plan and you need to trust that things will work out. I was in a bit of denial at first and did not want to wait the suggested amount of time that my doctor recommended, but I also knew that I would feel really guilty if I put my health at risk or a potential new pregnancy at risk for me not wanting to wait.

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