Modest Swimsuits for Teens

Updated on March 27, 2014
L.O. asks from Oak Park, IL
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My 13 year old daughter has been fine wearing classic Speedo one-piece suits through elementary school and would like to move on - but she's not comfortable in a bikini yet - she would like a tankini. I've looked at lands end and old navy, but she can't seem to find a nice, plain swimsuit (without extra chest padding, for say). She likes the suits at delia's, but is not developed and big enough to fit those suits. Does anyone know where to get a mature tankini for a teen?

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So What Happened?

She bought a cute tankini with removable padding at Justice. Thanks to all who answered - it will be much easier next year!

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answers from Chicago on

I bought my 12 year old a couple of tankinis at Justice. Some styles do have the chest padding, but it is removable. Some styles also looked too young for my daughter but she found a couple that she loved. Most of the time you can get everything in the store for 40% off. Sometimes you need a coupon, other times it is a store promotion. Just google "printable coupon for Justice" before leaving for the mall. You can also shop online at Good luck!

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answers from Gainesville on

Have you checked Target or JCPenny? They typically carry a wide range of suit types-especially JCPenny.



answers from Rochester on

Check Kohls too, sometimes they have a nice selection.



answers from Chicago on

Kohls?? I got my own plain tankini there. Not sure what they have in the Jrs dept.



answers from Chicago on

I may be a little late but just saw this today. I too had a terrible time trying to find a swimsuit for my daughter this year. She is at the point where she needs some coverage so she doesn't have the "wet T-shirt" look. I couldn't find anything in the girls section with any type of bra so I had to move on to Juniors. My daughter also did not want the bikini (some in the Junior section were VERY tiny so I was fine with that). But finding a swimsuit in the Juniors section without padding was nearly impossible. I started late, waited until after school was out so they may have been picked over. We ended up finding some cute suits at Kohls & JCPenney also had some but they were out of her size. I was also shocked at how much padding was in the suits. The two suits that we did get from the Juniors section both have more padding than my suits from the women's department. Because they are tankinis and looser on top, the padding doesn't look that bad but it definitely depended on the style. I really don't see why pre-teen and teen clothing needs to be made with so much breast enhancement - I guess it is just part of our society wanting girls to grow up too fast! I myself am not ready for that but she is my oldest child so maybe I'm just not on top of things as far as how teen girls dress. Good Luck!!



answers from Detroit on

J. Crew has nice, classic tankinis for slim, small-busted women.



answers from Dallas on

The have shelf bras in the suit, but it's not padding. It definitely doesn't make the bust larger. They also have free return shipping, if she needs a different size. The shipping is very fast. I got my suit there and am VERY pleased!!



answers from Chico on

If she liked the Speedo one-piece suits maybe she'd like the Speedo tankini too. My 14 year old just found them at Costco. She has a tall slender build and the suit fits her well. Just a thought.


answers from Dallas on

Whem my daughter was younger, we found some at Kohls and Target.

Now that she's 15 1/2, she gets hers at Hollister, Abercrombie or Victoria's Secret. I know I know....those suits are not suited for a 12-13 yr old.



answers from Chicago on

I got a tankini from LLBean. Love it. They are a tad expensive, but I am not sure the kids' prices yet.



answers from Sacramento on

Also consider the sporting goods stores. They will carry swimsuits for teens involved in swimming as a sport and this will not be revealing styles. Not sure if they'd have tankinis (bummer on no luck with Lands' End, because they carry a ton of them).

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