Moby Wrap vs Ring Sling

Updated on August 03, 2011
T.G. asks from La Conner, WA
7 answers

I used a ring sling with both of my daughters, but the moby wrap seems to be very popular right now. I have another baby on the way and I still have my ring sling but was wondering if it would be worth it to buy a moby. They look more comfortable for your back, but I've never used one. Has anyone used both? Which one do you like the best?

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answers from Denver on

Moby was way more comfortable and much more
supportive for baby..... You don't have to worry about that squishing down, baby all crumple up thing that happens in a ring sling. The Moby allows you to keep your newborn much more upright -- particularly great for kiddos with acid reflux (which is why I ended up getting one). Oh, the Moby also allows you to do things with your hands .... Baby is totally secure once wrapped ..... I found this to be a huge bonus with my third baby since my other two were still so young. I always felt like I had to kind of keep one hand on the baby in the ring sling but not so with Moby.

If you do go for the Moby, you will quickly get used to using it.... Seems like a lot at first but you will get it down after
a few uses and won't even think about it after a while.

You can put the Moby on in the morning after you are dressed and just leave it on..... Taking baby in and out as you need to.

I sure wish I would have thought of making my own like the other reader suggested. It really is nothing but a super long piece of jersey fabric! I think mine was like 70 clams!

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answers from Detroit on

I have used both and prefer the Moby-type -- more flexible and comfy. However, you can make your own Moby really simply -- just buy about 5 yards of jersey knit fabric and cut it the whole length of it to about 24-30" wide (about in half -- giving you two!). Boom. Moby wrap.

You can get 40% off coupons for Joann Fabrics.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I've used both and like the ring better. It was easier to adjust without having to rewrap the entire thing. If you like the ring sling and it works for you, don't spend the money on a new Moby. Maybe see if you can borrow one to try out. But really, they do basically the same thing so if you already know you like one, I'd stick with it.

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answers from Portland on

I have used both and love both for different reasons. I think the Moby is great for them till they are toddlers. The ring sling is great when you are out walking as they get older and are wanting to see more of the world. I used my Moby for my twins till they were about 1. They loved being able to tuck their head inside and be hidden if they were feeling insecure. I had another baby after them who absolutely hated the Moby. I think having the option of having both is great but not a necessity.


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answers from Seattle on

I bought the Moby when I was expecting my 2nd. It was so complicated, I could never get the hang of it. I tried it again when I had my 3rd and had a tiny bit more success. I figured out how to wrap it, but it was such a pain in the neck that I used it two or three times and then gave it away. If your ring sling is comfortable and easy to use, I would go stick with that one.

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answers from Portland on

I had a Nojo sling and a Moby. I fell in love with my Moby after I got the hang of it. It took a bit to figure out the wrapping but after that it was blissful. I never went back to the sling. It felt so natural and the baby slept so well in it.
The only downside of the Moby, it get's warm! So if you're planning on using it in summer get a light color and wear a tank under it.

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answers from Honolulu on

My kids as babies, did not like either one.
They HATED, any type of sling or baby carrier.

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