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Updated on January 28, 2008
T.P. asks from Vacaville, CA
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Has anyone used the Moby Wrap baby carrier? I am pregnant with baby #2 and I'm interested in purchasing one. I wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has used one before I buy it. Thanks for your help!

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answers from Dallas on

I love it, love it, love it! I had by bb in it the week he came home from the hosptial. For about 2 mos, every time we went out in public, I wore him. We joke that he's not gonna walk till his 5 because he's always on mommy. = } He's 8 mos right now, 18 pounds, and long. I wear him facing forward, which he likes, however, now he's into the I wanna grab everything and eat it stage, so I bought a hostling to wear him on my hip. Haven't tried it out yet, so we'll see. But the Moby is a definite must have! Congrats!

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answers from Dallas on

Loved it! My husband and I both wore our little one frequently in the Moby Wrap.



answers from Dallas on

T., have you ever seen the Zolowear wraps? You can check out their website at I purchased one of the sling wraps from them when my 2nd was born and only used it once! She just didn't really like being in a sling and I gave up on it too soon. Now she's too big and I just use the Baby Bjorn. Anyway, I'm looking to sell it if you're interested. The one I have is brown with blue, white and pink dots. Very cute. I think I paid $90 for it, but will sell it for $45. Let me know! Thanks!



answers from Houston on

I used one with my newborn, it worked great! Kept her close and I was able to take care of things I needed to take care, cleaning, cooking. I could nurse in it with ease also. I loved it. After she was able to sit up pretty well and had full control of her head movement I used the Maya wrap which I equally loved. My husband was intimated by it at first but then was able to wrap himself up in it and use it too! It is a little intimidating at first but after you get used to it and figure it out it was a breeze. There is a Houston Baby Wearers group I just became a part of that you might be interested in. They could help you figure out how to manage it and different methods to wearing your baby. The address is



answers from Dallas on

I love mine! However, I've never used it with an infant -- not yet anyway. I bought it when my son (2 yrs old) was sick and wanted to be held constantly. It was so good at distributing the weight that I had zero back pain even after carrying him around for extended periods.

It does have A LOT of material to contend with but once you've practiced a couple of times it's very easy to put on.

Also, I have heard that it can be uncomfortable in the summer -- all that material plus our lovely Texas heat.



answers from Dallas on

Not sure about the Moby Wrap but I asked about wraps a little while back & someone sent me the link to the pattern at My aunt made it for me & the total cost was about 13 dollars. I picked out the fabric I wanted (2.5 yds) and choose corduroy since it is supposedly winter! She is going to make another for me in a lighter weight fabric for the summer. Anyway, they are very easy to make & I use mine all the time! My daughter loves hanging out in it & it makes life so much easier since my hands are free to do other things. Anyway, here is the link:



answers from Dallas on

I love mine, but I made mine and saved tons of money. All you need is 5 Yards of Jersey fabric. You can get the no sew instruction on the net.



answers from Austin on

The Moby Wrap is the best, best investment for an infant. It is so comfy (like a t-shirt) and the little babies love it. I think it really makes them feel like they are back in the womb. As far as baby carriers come, it is also very inexpensive.

Check out

Good luck,



answers from Spartanburg on

i love mine. i use it mostly for housework and hiking. feels the most secure of any i've seen, i'll do yardwork in it too.

I like the newborn hug hold b/c my boys have had reflux and like to be upright ALL the time. Also like the back carry option for outdoors so i can see where my feet are going.

i also have an over the shoulder baby holder to just quickly slip on.

don't spend all your money on just one. have 2 or 3 different kinds so you have positioning options as they develop. they like diff. positions at different ages. And when they spit up all over one, you still have something else to use. once you get used to babywearing, it's hard to go back!

my LLL chapter has a babywearing workshop now and then.

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