Ménière's Disease and Pregnancy

Updated on September 07, 2013
M.S. asks from Chandler, AZ
3 answers

Hi- do any of you out there have Ménière's disease? Mine was discovered during my first pregnancy and was terrible. Now I am pregnant again, and the attacks are already starting'. Any advice?

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answers from Sacramento on

Low salt diet and lots of water.

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answers from Washington DC on

sorry!! mine started with pregnancy....it sucked...I was given prescription strength dramamin to help with the dizziness.

I also started taking vitamin B12. that helps with the ringing (tinnitus) as well.

You need to talk with your doctor to see what you can and cannot take during your pregnancy. My pregnancy will be different from yours.

I know that keeping the pressure in my ears the same was and IS really important in keeping the virtigo/dizziness away.

Congrats on the pregnancy! I'm sorry about the Meiere's!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm so sorry.
A diuretic is essential to control of my menieres, but I'm not sure of the safety of that during pregnancy so you'll need to talk to your doctor.

Do you have any specific triggers? I have 2 major ones - positional changes, so I have to get up from bed slowly and I avoid bending over at the waist. If I pick things up I always bend at the knees and keep my head upright. And allergies - if my sinuses are acting up, my meniereis is crazy, so I HAVE to keep my allergies under control. I use flonase, and nasal steriods are safe during pregnancy if this is something you need to consider.

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