Mix Pedialyte & 7Up?

Updated on February 08, 2012
M.. asks from Detroit, MI
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My little man has thrown up about 5-6 times in the past 3 hours. I have Pedialyte (unflavored) and the only thing I have to mix it with is crystal light. Hes not digging it. He said he just wants water, but thats not going to help his belly. We are not juice drinkers. He realllly likes soda because he never gets it, would it benefit at all to mix it with 7up?

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So What Happened?

Thanks Mommies! Hes 3. I gave him some ice water and told him to sip it and he downed it! Eeeeek! Good thing though, he hasnt thrown up in over an hour. Hopefully it continues! Fingers crossed!!

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answers from Dallas on

My pedi says water is best for stomach bugs, pedialyte and soda have sugar which can make vomiting/diarrhea worse.

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answers from Jacksonville on

How old is he? If he is older than about 4, don't give him ANYTHING. His stomach just needs to rest, and he will be fine for 2 or 3 hours without drinking something. Or if you REALLY want to give him something, let him have the water he is asking for... but fill it with ice, and only allow him TINY sips every 5-10 minutes. There is nothing wrong with plain water at this point.
Anything with sugar is not good for his stomach right now.

When he has gone over 2 hours without throwing up, you can let him have slightly larger sips, and offer him some saltine crackers (one or two). When he has gone 4 hours without throwing up, let him sip more and a few more crackers, whatever he is feeling like, which probably won't be much.
But don't give him ANY food until he goes a good 2 hours without throwing up.

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answers from Houston on

Maybe you can freeze it like a Popsicle with the crystal lite. I would avoid the 7up. Water is much better than Pedialyte in soda. In fact, my pediatrician told me Pedialyte is mostly a gimmick and to avoid it, water and clear fluids like chicken broth is best. Just give him small sips of ice water, or even ice chips to suck on.

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answers from Seattle on

I concur with the other posts. Go with ice water for now. Small sips.

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answers from San Francisco on

If you only have the 7up and Pedialyte on hand, try it.

Ginger Ale is our "sick" drink. We never have soda but there is always a can or 2 of ginger ale for anyone who has thrown up. It works wonders!

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answers from Washington DC on

Please, no soda! He is not yet ready for it and even when his stomach is better, the carbonation is rotten for him. FLAT ginger ale is the only soda i'd give a sick kid, and then only when he can hold things down a while. And Crystal Lite is just chemicals and coloring -- please don't give it. Juice would be far too acidic for his stomach even if you did have it on hand.

You're jumping the gun to give him anything, including Pedialyte, at this point. Water in sips, like others said, is all you should attempt right now.

Also call the doctor now and ask at what point you need to worry about dehydration. Vomiting three times an hour (that's the rate you mention) is a lot. It's only been three hours so that's not too bad yet, but get the doctor's list of the signs of dehydration; and ask, if he continues to throw up at this rate for X hours, when do you bring him to an urgent care center for rehydration. Likely he will slow down the rate of vomiting (two times an hour, then once an hour, then once every couple of hours) and that's what you want to see happen. But do not push food or anything but small sips of water. He will be fine if he does not eat for even a whole day or more, but he must stay hydrated. Take him for rehydration if things do not slow down and then improve.

When my daughter's sick, I get very worried, so I calm myself and keep up with things by just jotting down the time whenever she vomits, so I can be sure I'm accurate with seeing whether she is slowing down, the length of time between vomits, etc. It does help when you call the doctor to have that kiind of record on hand.

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answers from Nashville on

I have done this in very small amounts (watered down a little) just so my little guy gets something in his system. Nikki is right, it can make diarrhea and vomiting worse, BUT I would rather him get something in his system than to have to worry about him getting dehydrated because he didn't drink anything.

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answers from Dallas on

I would try letting him suck on ice. Not even drink anything yet cause it will probably come right back up. Once he's gone a few hours without throwing up give him little sips of water or you can try the pedialight 7 up mix. Depending one how old he is. Small children get dehydrated easy. If he keeps it up call the dr.

Good luck and God Bless!



answers from Detroit on

We always had 7up after throwing up, it helps settle your stomach better then pedialyte (that's just good for building up your electrolytes). That's probably a great combo!

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