Missing baby....fill M. in Please

Updated on October 12, 2011
J.M. asks from Doylestown, PA
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OK so I J. have netflix and no tv at home, so no news. From what I gather this is the chain of events
the dad leaves for work without his 2 phoes?
the mom puts the baby down
the mom programs all of the phones and leaves them togehter on the kitchen counter?
the mom goes to bed
the dad walks in to all of the loghts on and checks on the older kids sees the baby isnt there freaks out and tells the wife...and insttead of calling 911 they look outside for a while? shes only 10 months right? its not like she'd get up and wlak arnd? i'm kinda confused
and the 3 phones were stolen?

I don't understand how all of the phones could be take and someone would come in through a window grab the baby without it crying,stroll through the kitchen, and say oh awesome their phones i'll take them, then turn the lights on? (what did the kidnapper need the light to make a sandwich?) and then J. stroll out the front door, and no car to wake them up turning it on...
am i missing some details? what are your thoughts? are there any new developments?

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So What Happened?

it doesnt seem like they did it purposely, idk why they'd harm a baby and leave the other kids fine...i'm thinking accident and coverup...but who knows

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answers from Chicago on

Something is pretty fishy about the whole thing. The one fact is that things J. don't add up. For the Mom to be preparing to be arrested says a lot. If she is truly innocent then she wouldn't be thinking this way. If you have nothing to hide why did she fail a polygraph??? Why is she saying she is going to be arrested? How does she know that?

If my daughter was truly kidnapped I would be so distraught...hounding the police 24/7 for answers and losing my mind....I think you'd have to lock M. up in the Looney Bin with some extra thick padded walls.

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answers from Dallas on

The newest developments make her look even more shady. The police recreated the crime scene. A strong, grown man had to be pushed through the window by 2 others. The window made an incredibly loud crashing noise, when opened and shut. The mom was seen (on store surveillance camera, and with receipt proof) with an unknown man buying alcohol, paper plates, napkins, and plastic silverware...J. 5 hours before the girl went missing. She is not divorced from her legal husband, has a baby with the man she is with now (her fiance, even though she is ALREADY married), and was seen buying these items with another man no one knows.

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answers from Minneapolis on

well if mom slept anything like my husband or my sister, then I could see mom not hearing anything. My husband once slept through a earthquake. I know in general most moms dont sleep that heavy but then you hear cases of moms rolling over there kids and killing them accidently. I dont think I could since any little thing would wake M. up. However if mom was impared some way.. like drugs or alcohol or prescrip drugs. then its possibly. As far as taking phones, thats BS.... and the lights on? Well if someone DID take this baby, they are the biggest bumbling idots on the planet. Sooo if you are smart enough NOT to leave any evidence behind for cops to follow, why would you leave the lights on? That makes NO sense. Most thieves have a plan, they wouldnt need to turn on a light. However if it was some random, drug fueled act, they perps would have been caught by now cause they would have made a lot more mistakes in there haste. THAT is why they are focusing on mom now I think mom got tired and cranky like most moms, but that little voice didnt go off in her head about NOT killing your children. Or it was an accident and she J. doesnt want the blame for it cause she doesnt want her family to fall apart. Almost always will will know the truth soon enough, she will break.

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answers from Washington DC on

I didn't know they had a dog.
I don't know what happened. Maybe a terrible accident and now the mom doesn't know what to do and now she's a household name. She needs a grief counselor, she probably needs medication.
People cant' even drive into my driveway without setting off our dogs.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Perhaps the baby was crying or having a temper tantrum and the mom snapped and shook her or hit her or threw her hard enough that she accidentally died. Then she hid the body. If this is what happened I am sure this mom is completely distraught and upset. This is the only thing that I can imagine happening.

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answers from Tampa on

They have a dog and nobody heard the dog barking. Another Anthony case. I think it was a cold medicine gone bad situation, I hope I'm wrong.

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answers from St. Louis on

I think it is an accident cover up but then who knows really.

The phones get to M.. Why the phones? The house is older it would have the wires for a land line. Why would someone take the cell phones as a way to stop them from calling? The other thing is the dad being called into work late at night and not taking his phone? Then programming a phone that isn't active? Sounds like they added that because even an unactive phone can be used to call 911.

You plan the kidnapping well enough not to leave evidence but you turn all the lights on?

I hate to say this but it seems like they walked through how they would get in and out making up stuff as they went along and then dumped the baby and the cell phones.

I don't know who their carrier is but Tmobile knows when I program my phone because it holds an online back up.

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answers from Kansas City on

Here is a link to the timeline.


By clicking on the photos the captions will tell yout the timeline.

Many people believe the mom has something to do with this. I get that but I'm sick of hearing how society is convicting her...the FOCUS should be on Lisa Irwin and finding her, let's resovle the conviction once she is found.

Added: Our house alarm went off one night (picture fell from the wall and shattered we had glass breakage alarm too) and my husband didn't wake up for three whole minutes. I was already speaking with alarm company and giving our password before he said "what's going on?"...so people do sleep hard. I sleep somewhere in the middle, I hear weird things and don't hear other things.

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answers from Seattle on

It's sad, but with all the information, it isnt looking good for those parents. Well the Mother mostly. So sad.

Because like you said, all cell phones were taken, how does no one hear the dog, or WAS it really barking. Probably not. Then how does someone NOT hear the window being opened, through the monitor, the baby not crying, etc etc. Its sad but I might have to agree with MomCeo here.....

As much I dont want to believe any person could do this to a child, but their parent no less... Such a shame :(

ETA: I was J. thinking, about all the lights I am sure they took finger prints from them, wonder who's they are. J. waiting for someone to say: She/they made a mistake! And now we know.

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answers from Washington DC on

One thing I have seen nothing about on TV (though local KC papers probably have gone into it) is whether the police are probing any possibility that someone had a grudge against this family. I figure the police must be looking into that -- at least I hope they are. Yes, the parents are always, always the first place the cops start investigating. But the police also must be looking at whether someone for some reason had a grudge against the mom or dad or both, and figured the ultimate punishment was not only taking the baby but also subjecting the family to the media spotlight like this and throwing suspicion on the family. Because most stranger abductions of babies are of newborns, taken from hospitals, and most abductions of kids are of kids older than 10 months, this is a very unusual case. I hope someone is investigating the idea of a grudge or punishment of the parents by someone else. As for the phones and lights -- could be something but could be nothing. I've been certain I switched off a light at night only to find it on in the morning; the mom could J. be wrong about the lights being out when she went to bed. And taking the phones could have been a last-second "giving the finger" to the family as the abductor walked out -- "Hey, I'll scoop these up, confuse everyone."

As for the dog if there was one (I had not heard that yet) -- well, if it was someone the family knew, the dog might have been comfortable enough not to bark at that person.

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answers from Dallas on

I sleep like a bear, so I don't wake up for much, and this is why we have a security system in place with alarms that will sound if one of my kids' windows is opened. Whatever happened, it is very, very sad.

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