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Updated on October 27, 2011
J.M. asks from Doylestown, PA
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So the news says the mom admits to buying alcohol and drinking wine all night and that she may have passed out, and the last time she saw her was at 6:30pm and then she went to buy alcohol and came back and drank...so who watched the kids while she was at the store? and while she was partying? I feel like i missed a part to the story

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So What Happened?

yea but the baby wasnt with them when they were buying it so who was? and then how did they not see the baby from 6:30 on?? if they were home and drinking wuldnt the kids be wondering all arnd?

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I too, believe that the parents know more than what they are letting on. I believe that it was an accidental death and they are J. trying to cover it up. But who knows. But her changing her story all the time doesn't help their situation. If it was an accident, why not J. call 911. Don't they realize by doing what they are doing J. makes it worse? The truth will come out eventually. It usually does.

I really hope that is not what happened and that someone has her and she is all right but that's not the feeling I get.

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answers from Washington DC on

That's one of the older twists and turns in this case, there have been many more since that one.

To answer your question: she supposedly bought the wine BEFORE she supposedly put the baby to sleep at 6:30. Then I've heard that she SUPPOSEDLY checked on the baby again at 10:30 (but I've also heard that she didn't check on her again so there are conflicting stories). So she is saying she seen Lisa AFTER she came home from buying the wine and BEFORE passing out/blacking out. I also heard one of the news stations state that she drinks like this alot and passes out a couple times a week so this isn't unusual for her. The news station also stated that she takes anti-anxiety meds such as zanix (sp?) so the two mixed together are not a good thing.

But I honestly don't know if I believe she passed out. I think that is J. her defense because that admission was made AFTER they aired the footage of her buying the box of wine and questioning who the man with her was (it was her brother, by the way). I also think she probably suffocated the baby by accident. The two boys were sleeping with her, why not the baby too? The cadaver dog picked up the scent out of her bedroom. She wouldn't originally let the police in her room to search it, only Lisa's room + the points of entry, thus the search warrant. They also seized Lisa's blanket, glow worm, etc. stuff that suggest she was tucked into sleep (in the parents room). I also heard an investigator in the beginning state it could have been a case of accidential suffocation.

They also didn't want the boys questioned as to what they heard that night (and the boys state they heard noises) because they didn't want them further tramatized!! WTH?! you supposedly have a missing baby and you won't let your children help find her!

Now, they're showing footage of a "mystery man" that was seen carrying a baby wearing only a diaper in cold temps in the wee hours of the nights. He was first seen 3 houses down from Lisa's home. I don't think it was a live baby he was carrying (neighbors only seen an arm and leg), but I don't know? Then there was a dumpster fire along the route the mystery man took. Maybe it was the brother (the mystery man)????? I don't know. Sounds like a cover up to M..

There is a lot more info, you can google if you like. But my point is there's a lot more info that has come out about this case since the drinking admisison by the mom.

Mommy L: not to be rude, but why click on the question & answer it then if your "going to scream". The titled clearly stated what this post was regarding. Some of us ARE interested in finding out what happened and talking about what we've learned so far, nothing wrong with that.

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answers from Kansas City on

She went to the store between 5 and 5:30 supposedly before dad went to work. Her and her brother were at the house drinking, so they were with the kids. Maybe her brother did not pass out. Who knows, but I am starting to think the parents know a lot more than they are telling. I have a feeling it is a case of an accidental death with parents trying to cover it up.

Mom is saying dad was home when they went to the liquor store, and she also said she put baby Lisa to bed at 6:30 which was the last time she saw her.

Additional thought: I think mom was passed out with baby in the bed, and accidently suffocated her. Dad came home and found her and panicked and did something with baby Lisa and then called 911. Something does not feel right with the way dad is always looking down and he has not shed a single tear that I have seen yet. I know everyone grieves differently, but something seems strange about that.

Okay, the parents or the parents attorney has done it again! They have called off the interview that was set this Friday with the half brothers! These people are hiding something for sure! They also called off a tour of their home that they had afreed to, and also called off a meeting with the press earlier today. I'm sorry but there has to be more to the story! I really believed in the start of all this that the parents were not behind it, but I have now lost all confidence in that! I pray I am wrong and that she is still alive, but I do not have good feeling anymore!

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answers from Charlotte on

It sounds like the mother did too, J. M.



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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm sorry--but who drinks to the point of PASSING OUT when they have a baby in the house? It's not like this baby was safely sleeping for the night by 6:30. Sorry if it sounds like I'm judging--but I am.
Some people don't deserve the blessings they're given.
I would hope to God that the baby is OK, but it doesn't look good.
And even if the mother didn't "do it"? Guess what? She may as well have becuase she was the caregiver for that child. It happened on her watch and she has NO CLUE what happened in her own house.
Am I crazy? I might have a glass of wine or two, but to BLACK OUT/PASS OUT with a child in your care? Imagine if that had been a babysitter! She'd have already been swinging from a tree somewhere.

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answers from Houston on

Kids go missing /kidnapped/murdered every single day. It kinda really pisses M. off that one child gets so much attention when there are thousands others out there who don't even get a mention on the news. Obviously I am concerned about Lisa and hope she is alive and well and found quickly... But really, one more Lisa Irwin speculation story and I'm going to scream.

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answers from Tucson on

Wow... I've been following the story here and i dont know whats going on. Sounds like she doesnt need to have these kids. She was neglecting them for sure.
I hope baby Lisa is safe and being cared for. I believe she is.

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answers from San Francisco on

That's the part of what really happened to baby lisa!

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answers from Kansas City on

I don't think the news is distorting the time line all that much. They have no idea when she went missing b/c she was last seen at 6:30 pm...a far cry from the 10:30 that was originally said. It may have been 1 hour or 11...that's the problem. The mom is the one who keeps changing her story, or adding details.

The whole thing is a mess and although my original instinct was to think the mom was involved, I'm J. not sure anymore, but I do agree that she must know more than she's letting on. I too wondered if the brother didn't have something to do with it since mom supposedly passed out and he was there, but honestly, I J. can't get past the cadavar dogs finding a hit in the mom's bedroom. I fear this will turn into another situation like Casey Anthony and will go on for years and years and we'll never have conclusive evidence.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Yeah initially they didn't say where the mother was. She was on television crying asking to return her baby back to her , but she didn't mention she was drunk and doesn't remember what happened the previous night. It's only few weeks later the truth came out that the mother was indeed drunk. Who was taking care of the baby while dad was out for work and mother was so drunk, who knows. And who knows what happened to that little girl.
I am thinking maybe something went wrong and the parents are trying to cover it up. Or maybe somebody who knows the family got so pissed with the way the baby was being ignored by the mom (which mom drinks until she passes out while caring for an infant ??) that they took away the baby and the baby is growing well and being cared for elsewhere. I J. hope the baby is safe!

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answers from San Diego on

One and done...you are SO right. I would be in trouble if I even had one glass of wine while caring for my kids. Heck, what if I passed out after the last child left for the day? There's often only a couple hours between the last and the first. She's guilty of neglect at the least, and manslaughter more than likely.


answers from Kansas City on

Please, please go and search for information. You are missing a WHOLE part of the story and additional information.



answers from Houston on

She probably forgot she had a baby...and my suspisions is still aimed at the parents.


answers from St. Louis on

The problem is the news is distorting the time line. They say she was seen buying wine J. hours before Lisa was reported missing. Apparently they think 11 hours can be considered "J. hours". I only know this because I asked the same question.

They know she was drinking with her neighbor but no one else. If she bought paper plates I am thinking she had a party. There is no telling who did what to the baby but passed out mom doesn't know either. :( I still consider her responsible. No one was officially watching the kids during the party.

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