Missed Period, Have Not Taken a Test, and Disneyland Rides???

Updated on November 02, 2011
D.S. asks from Anchorage, AK
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Ok, so here is my question.... I am a week late on my cycle, we have not been preventing but I have not taken a test either. I have not been sick unlike my first pregnancy so I am not sure. My question is that we are going on a family trip to Disneyland and i would like to go on the rides and enjoy our time there.
Ok let's rephrase... "IF" am prego... I do not know how far along I am due to not being able to see my regular doctor and our trip to Disneyland is this weekend. Would the baby be ask risk if I am only a few weeks pregnant and I decided to go on rides??

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So What Happened?

Hi all... Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. I guess I jumped the gun... My period came and now we are making plans for all of the rides without any concerns. :)

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answers from Portland on

I went on almost all the rides when I was just barely pregnant. I didn't feel that there was any risk there, although I did avoid Space Mountain (it gives me a headache anyway.)

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answers from Chicago on

Why not just test? Get a few dollar store tests, and start testing.

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answers from Springfield on

Those warnings have more to do with women further along in their pregnancy. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the awkward ways you have to sit in the rides, blood pressure, etc. You can always check their website, but I'm pretty sure the only thing to be concerned about in the 1st trimester would be nausea.

Have fun!

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answers from Cincinnati on

Why are you not taking a test? You don't need your doctor to know if your pregnant, and if you're a week late it will certainly appear on a test right away. This kinda sounds silly....take a test.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi Luv---Just call your doc and ask him/her the what if question. In any case, if it is that early, I doubt there would be any problems. Have fun.

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answers from Washington DC on

GO and have a great time!!! The rides will tell you which are not suitable for pregnant women - however - being a few weeks along? I wouldn't even stress over that - it's the women who are in their 2nd and last trimester that they worry about.

If you want to know for sure - take a test. Then you won't have to worry while you are on vacation.




answers from Seattle on

I had a girlfriend that was 3 days late w/her period when we went to DL - she went on rides and the baby was JUST fine.



answers from Minneapolis on

At only a few weeks gestation...no harm can really be done...If I can go through the car accident that I went through and still have a healthy baby then a few roller coaster rides are easy peasy! Enjoy!



answers from Reno on

No the baby would not be at risk. Only from the last part of the 2nd trimester would the baby 'possibly' be at risk. My doctor gave me the ok to ride some rides at 35 weeks with my son-he came out perfect.



answers from Savannah on

Why not take a test? They are quick, easy, and you will have answers. If its negative then go on all of the rides! If it is positive, then use the suggestions that they have on the ride or on the pamphlet about pregnant women. There is no point in risking it. Even if you are pregnant, there are plenty of rides that you can go on, just not the ones that are jerk you around.



answers from Chicago on

Take the test! If you are preg then rides are a 100% no no.



answers from Seattle on

I bet if you called the advice nurse they could help you ...and I bet the'd let you come in and take a quick blood test :o)



answers from Phoenix on

You need to know if you are pregnant before you go on your trip. Take a test and know for sure. The risk to the baby of Disneyland rides if you are only a few weeks along (less than 12 weeks) is likely small, but how would you feel if you DID go on those rides and then had a miscarriage when you returned? If you would feel like you caused it, it's best to err on the side of caution. It's best to face the facts so you can avoid any other risky events or substances (alcohol, smoking, chemicals, etc) and can make sure you are taking vitamins with folic acid. Also, if you are NOT pregnant, why would you want to worry about it the whole time you were suppose to be relaxing and having fun? To find out how many weeks you are pregnant you just use an internet due date calculator or count forward from the first day of your last menstrual period and that will give you how many weeks you are along. No need to see a doctor before you go even if you are pregnant unless you are having pain or bleeding. Hope you have a wonderful vacation! Nurse Midwife Mom



answers from Dallas on

That means for people that are more than halfway through their pregnancy.


answers from Eugene on

No danger if you are. The baby is well insulated. If you were six or more months and your belly is big no way.

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