Missed Period, 3 Neg. Preg Tests. Anyone Have Similar Experience with Result?

Updated on August 12, 2010
J.S. asks from Westwood, NJ
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Hi everyone, this is pretty personal but I'm so distressed about it I figured I'd ask. My husband and I have been trying for a second child. The past 3 months I've been having a cycle of only 21 days which had me considering asking my OB if something was wrong or contacting a fertility specialist (I'll be 36 in Oct.). Well, this month the 21st day came and went with no sign of menses. Since other then when I had my son I have never had a late period and my breasts felt heavy and sore I took a pregnancy test on day 22. It was negative but I was only slightly surprised because I figured it might be too early to detect. Now it's day 27 and still nothing. Except for when I was on the pill and the past 3 months I've always had a 26 day cycle. I've had other symptoms such as intermittent nausea and cramping the past 3 days I've also had some extremely light spotting (not to be gross but in terms of 'only when I wipe' not even evident on the pantiliner). I've also felt more tired then usual which on day 20 I thought was just because my period was coming. I took a pregnancy test this morning and a different brand this evening at my husband's urging, both negative. When I had my son the test showed positive on day 27, one day after missed period. Has anyone had a similar experience and what was the resolution? I don't care if the answer is good or bad. At this point I would just be relieved to get my period as then I would have an answer. I'm kinda worried something else (bad) is going on. Also, I have already contacted my OB-GYN but they can't see me until Aug. 25 and gave me nothing in terms of answers. Thanks in advance for any responses

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for their responses! I actually seem to have gotten my period this morning. It's weird for me to get it so late but I guess maybe I'm changing cycle length or am 'irregular' now. But again thank you because I am now armed with many new suggestions of stuff to ask the doctor about. I think I'll be a bit more aggressive with our efforts and get the Ov pedictor kits and stuff. I'll also ask if my doc can look in to the low progesterone thing. I do want to thank CM from the bottom of my heart for sharing her story with me. This was sort of the scenario I was worried about. I feel for you and deeply admire your strength through your experiences. You deserve only the best luck now in everything you do. All the best to everyone!

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answers from New York on

Wait 2 weeks and take another test. Either you are pregnant or late - I know it's exciting. You are fine.

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answers from Dover on

A relative of mine was on the pill and thought she was pregnant (I believe she was still having her period). She told her husband, he said no way. She took a test..negative. About a month later, she did the same thing...still negative. Went to doctor, negative..."You Are Not Pregnant!" A month later, same thing...hubby said no way, doctor said no way. She said, do a blood test...."Congrats, you are expecting but you can't be more than a month since you weren't pregnant last month". Ultrasound done...she was 13 weeks!

I believe a woman knows long before a test confirms it...I always did!



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My story, unfortunately, doesn't have the happy ending. However, as you asked for expierences, good or bad, here it is.

Last year we had been TTC and I missed a period. Took a pregnancy test... negative. A couple of days later the same thing. I switched brands, making sure to get one that claims that it could do early detection (thinking it would be a more sensitive test.) That time it was positive, but barely. As I have had a previous ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage, I was able to get into to see the doctor. They too did a urine test and it barely registered. The blood test did confirm it, I was pregnant. I couldn't be happy about it because of past experiences and because my gut was telling my something wasn't right. Well, as it happened, I miscarried again. My guess it that from the very beginning something was wrong and my body knew it and that is why it didn't really show up on the tests.

I hope that everything goes well for you and that you get your answer soon. Take Care!



answers from New York on

I can tell you from experience that pregnancy tests (all brands) fail in about 2% of the population (doesn't matter how far in pregnancy you are). I happen to fall in that 2%. I was 6-8 weeks pregnant with my first (now almost 5yo), took 3 different types/brands of pregnancy tests and all came back negative. I had blood work done and the results came back "so positive" the doctor wanted me in for an ultra sound that day to determine the age of the fetus, since my son was not planned and I did not know I was pregnant (I had spotting, around 4 weeks post conception, but I just thought it was a light period, I did not realize I was pregnant and the only reason I thought I might be pregnant was because I was so tired). With my second pregnancy (daughter now 2yo), I took 2 different tests again they did not work, but I had symptoms I did not recognize the first time around so I was pretty confident I was pregnant and requested to have blood work done to confirm (with that pregnancy I was about 3 weeks in when i had the blood work done, but my dr agreed since he knew about my false results history). Hope all the best for you. Sending you good thoughts....



answers from New York on

Contact your primary and see if they can run an HCG serum blood test for you. It will definitely show up in blood if not on stick yet.


answers from Dallas on

Sorry your going through so much uncertainty right now trying for another child. I understand how unreliable tests can be. My husband and me are both 36yrs old our childrens ages are: 16 yr old and 18 month old. With our first baby; no test showed positive until I was 3 months along and i still had light spotting. With our second baby 14 years later; the test was positive within 5 days of my missed period.

Not to scare you or anything, but between that time we had 5 miscarriages and found out that the bleeding afterwards was due to two fibroids and if I ever caught the pregnancy early enough i'd have to be on bedrest the first 3 months and that's what happened. Did a complete switch organic food, holistic doctor, no microwave food and I had a healthy pregnancy/baby. So don't give up. Trust your instincts.

If the test is still negative and you have real concerns you should contact your doctor to perform a blood test on you to see if the hcg hormone is present to know if you are pregnant or are having a miscarriage. When worried it's always good to have a full health check...that's what I did and it was worth it to make sure everything internally is working A-ok. Just remember don't stress, stay relaxed and it will all workout.
I hope that you are blessed soon with another little angel soon.



answers from Little Rock on

Sudden weight gain can effect your cycle. Sickness can effect your cycle. Your body may also be trying to return to its normal cycle. Some pregnancys also have a lower hgh (pregnancy hormone) than others. My last pregnancy, I only had a very faint pregnancy line on the test even 2 months into it. I would give it a few more days. I know that it is on your mind 24/7 wondering if this is it, but if it is not and you allow yourself to think it is you will be severely disappointed. Try finding something to occupy your mind for a few days. Read a book or find a project of some sort to distract yourself. A week from now you should know the answer. Your symptoms could go either way. They are both symptoms of pregnancy and the start of your cycle. I think most women hoping to conceive have been in a similar situation at one time or another. You are probably not going to get a straight answer yes or no. Waiting is the only answer at this point. If you still haven't started by say 40 days and pregnancy test are still negative, I would see a doctor.



answers from Oklahoma City on

If your cycle is that short it could just still be too soon. If you knew when you ovulated that would be easier to say. Maybe try the dollar tree their tests are only a dollar and are actually very sensitive. Also if AF does show up you might try using ovulation tests so you can know if and when you are ovulating. I had really short cycles and got pregnant the first cycle while using those because we knew when to do the deed. Good Luck! Hope you are! And Aug 25 is not acceptable, they should at least be able to get you some blood work ordered.



answers from Columbus on

My husband and I started TTC in November and in December I did not get my period. I thought for sure I was pregnant. I didn't want to get ahead of myself so I waited till I was 3 days late from my period and did a preg test. It came out neg. I waited another 2 days and took another and again neg with no period. I called my Dr. office and they brought me in to do a blood test and it too came back neg. I think I just jnxed my body into thinking one thing and never did get my period until my Jan cycle. I did become pregnant in Feb though and found out with my missed March cycle.

Good luck on your TTC!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I had a similar problem andI solved it by switching pregnancy tests. I was using First Response (the line tests) and they all came up negative. I bought the digital ones (clear blue I think) and they said Pregnant on the first try. I would try switching tests.


answers from Kansas City on

I've been pregnant 7 times and found out at only 5 days post conception via bloodwork the first time and that was 25 years ago. It was a fluke that they even wanted to check me. I was trying to get on birth control and the doctor said I was already feeling swollen. I was ONLY with someone on that one day. So it wasn't a question of how far a long I was.

A few times I found out about 3 days before. The other times it was a day or two past when I was due. I always had very faint lines.

Just keep testing until you get a real period. :) Also, I found out the last time with the cheapest test on the market. Try those cheap dollar store tests :)



answers from New York on

If your cycle is that short I would definitely mention it to the doctor. I had a lot of trouble getting pregnant the first time, and then after my period came back the cycles were very short. It turns out that I had low progesterone which was making it difficult for me to get pregnant and was shortening my cycle. Once I went on a supplement, I got pregnant with my second on the first try. (BTW, my first two tests were negative with him, I didn't get a positive test until day 29 or 30, but I just knew I was pregnant!)



answers from Minneapolis on

With my first the test showed a faint line like 5 days before i was due with my period. With my second I took a test 3 days before i was due, and it was negative, then i took one when i was a couple days late and it was negative. Then i took another one when i was a week late and i bought one that just says pregnant or not pregnant. I was tired of looking for lines, and it finally came back pregnant. I would say just wait another day or two and make sure your taking it first thing in the morning. Or you could just go into the doctor to get a foresure confirmation. Good Luck!!!

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