Misscarriage and Trying to Conceive Again

Updated on October 04, 2006
A.V. asks from Port Arthur, TX
14 answers

I had a misscarriage six weeks before this last easter and we have been trying for another baby for probably about three months now. I have two other children that I conceived rather quickly, like in the first month that we tried. I really want another child and it just seems like since the misscarriage it is getting difficult to get pregnant again. I was wondering if anyone has had a misscarriage and then find it difficult to conceive again or how long it took to get pregnant again.

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answers from McAllen on

I can relate somewhat to what you are going through. I have been trying to conceive for the past year and still nothing. My problem was that I was taking birth control and somewhere along the line I started having problems with my menstral cycle. I have two kids that I conceived rather quickly also. They are exactly 1 year and 2 weeks apart from each other. Now that I want another baby, well it is not happening. I have been taking fertility pills for the past 4 months and still nothing. I am still trying so if you get any respose of any help please let me know...and good luck conceiveing. Hope everything goes well.

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answers from Brownsville on

Boy do I know how you feel! I had 2 kids that I was shocked to find out I was pregnant with (we wen't trying, but also not "not" trying) and then when we went for # 3 (this time, using calendars, etc) it took a few months, and then we lost that baby. I was devistated! Like you, I had never had to TRY to get pregnant, I just always did. Well, it took about 3 months, but we finally did get pregnant again and I just had our baby girl on the 4th of July! What was really odd was my other two "not planned" kids wer both primees and this one, after the m/c and really longed for, was full term!! Hang in there, it will happen. Stress can be a big part of TTC and if you are stressed about becoming pregnant and losing it again, that can play a big part. Good luck and you are in my prayers!



answers from Houston on

My first pregnancy was a miscarriage. I conceived again with the help of the Clearplan Monitor. I highly recommend this device and it is well worth the money!



answers from San Antonio on

Sorry to hear about your misscarrage. I don't know if I can be of some help, but I had a misscarrage this past july and my dr. wanted me to wait at least 6 months before trying to concieve again. (they couldn't figure out exactly why i misscarried)

I would consult with your dr. again and see what he says. maybe waiting a bit longer would be best.

good luck!



answers from Shreveport on

Have u called your doctor on this? I have heard after having a miscarriage they will tell u to give your body time to heal before trying again to get pregnant. Hope that it works for u soon.. Good luck to u



answers from Corpus Christi on

I am sorry to hear about your misscarriage. i had 2 misscarriages in 2002, myself. after the second misscarriage i waited 3 months with very little sex and my fiance and i just took our time and and after 3 full months were up we started to have sex more regularly and we became pregnant with our daughter within the month that we were trying to conceive. everyone is diffrernt. all i can tell you is to keep trying and things will work out in the long run. i hope and wish all the best for your family. ~~H.~~



answers from Killeen on

I am so sorry, I really do understand.
I have had 3 miscarriages, my last one was the worst. I was two months along and didn't know it. It was a couple years ago and it took me a long time to be able to conceive again. But we finally did it!!! It was when I wasn't trying anymore that our little one surprised us. Try not to think about it, thats my best advice.



answers from Baton Rouge on

My cousin tried to have a baby for 13 years. Miscarriage after miscarriage. Well they decided to adopt. Once she adopted a 6 week old baby, she became pregnant. I believe this is because she was so determined before and she wanted it to bad that it wasn't coming. when the Lord finds it to be thebest time for this baby to arrive for you, it will. Just stop stressing it. The second she stopped stressing, she became pregnant. It was amazing!



answers from Houston on

A., I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage. My husband and I suffered a miscarriage in 2000. We tried again immediately after, I mean 4 weeks later we were trying...I got pregnant 6 weeks after our loss. It is dangerous for the baby to try that early, especially if you had a DNC afterward because of the scar tissue...which might be part of your problem. sometime scar tissue interferes. I'm not going to say "keep trying and it'll happen"...nobody can make that kind of promise. All I can say is keep trying, calm down, reduce your stress...enjoy the children you have and try to forget about it, that's usually when it happens. I'll pray that GOD has another baby in store for your family. GOD BLESS...



answers from Austin on

My husband and I were trying to conceive last Summer so I stopped taking birth control, but miscarried. A friend of mine told me that if you take the birth control again for one month after a miscarriage it can increase chances of conception because it replaces hormones lost. We got pregnant that Fall while going off and on the birth control. Hope it helps.



answers from San Antonio on

A. V.:

Hi. My suggestions to you is, first, make sure you and hubby are eating right. Cut down on caffeine, no alcohol or tobacco. Then both of you take a yoga class and go for walks together and get most all of the stress out of your lives. Decreasing stress plays a very big part in conceiving! Good luck to you both!




answers from Tulsa on

I too had a miscarriage a few years ago and it did take awhile for my body to get back into the swing of things before we finally conceived. I had 2 children previous to this one as well and now we have a beautiful 7 month old baby girl! So, don't worry it will happen!



answers from El Paso on

Hi, sorry about that. I had 1 misscarrage on March of 2005. I had no problem getting pregnant again I was expecting by May of that same month and now have a 7 mo baby. As well as my 3 year old boy. They say that strees and worries my be a part not being able to conceive. Don't thnik so much of what happend to you. Relax and think that you will soon have a wonderful baby. Good luck and hope next time we hear from you you tell us u are pregnant.



answers from Beaumont on

Hey, girl, It's L. Beth! Such a small world, huh?!? I, of course, am interested in the responses you get from this, too. Russ and I are "ready" to start trying again, too, but I am scared to death that I will lose another baby. I don't want to go through that again. I wish you and Aaron the best of luck in the future. My doctor told me to relax and not to think about it when we are trying-- just enjoy it and it will happen! Give my boys hugs and kisses....LB

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