Miscarriage in Second Trimester

Updated on May 02, 2013
M.A. asks from Oak Lawn, IL
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I have recently I went to the hospital to be induced because my baby had not heartbeat at my 17 week appointment. From the measurements the doctor said the baby passed at about 15 weeks.

I also had a miscarriage about 5 months ago at 11 weeks. There was not heartbeat detected at my first appoinment at 10 weeks and baby was only measuring 7 weeks. I miscarried two days after that appointment and had to have a D&C because I was bleeding so much.

I did not have testing done on the first miscarriage; my doctor and the hospital doctors told us it was most likely a chromosonal abnormality since the fetus stopped growing at 7 weeks.

In November I had the d&c and in December I had my period. January I did not have my period and in February I though I might be pregnant but I did not take a test. I would probably have been about 6 weeks at that time. A week later I had a gush of blood like I just got my period so assumed I was wrong about being pregnant and I was just having a late period. I never had any bleeding after that one incident. Two weeks later I started to feel really hungry and nauseous. I went to see the doctor and confirm my pregnancy. I measured exactly the same as the date I had given him from my last period and a heartbeat was detected. Two days later I felt something warm, I had another gush of blood and I gushed two more times that day. Only gushes not a constant flow. I went to the doctor, heartbeat and baby were fine. He did say I have a blood clot but did not explain where.He put me on bedrest/pelvic rest until the bleeding stopped. The bleeding stopped that day and I stayed on bedrest until next appoinment a week later. Baby's heart rate was good. I could go back to normal activities but no heaving lifting. Four weeks later (about 13 weeks) I went to the doctor again and the heart rate was great. Last week at my 17 week appointment there was no heartbeat. I had to go to the hospital to be induced. I deliverd a boy. The nurse told me that I didn't' need to have testing done since his liver and intestines were developing outside of his body and that is probably why he passed. However, my doctor said that is probably not the reason since many babies go to term with this and then have surgery or surgeries done to fix this. He did say that sometimes babies with this may have other abnormalities.

I went to my doctor yesterday. One week after the hospital. The blood test they did on my came back negative. He has not receieved the test from the baby. Since he was only 15 weeks they could not do an autopsy only chromosonal testing and testing on the placenta. In a couple weeks, when all my pregnacy hormones go away my doctor is having me do blood test to check my thyroid and for lupus an other things.. I am also having an ultrasound done on my uterus. However, my doctor thinks that we just had to rounds of bad luck. I do have two children ages 9 and 8. I had no problems with those pregnancies and he says that those two pregnancies tell him more about me than the two miscarriages.

Has anyone had a first and second trimester loss and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy to term?

We would like to try again but not until the end of summer. I had no problems with my first two pregnancies and I was totally naive in not ever thinking I would miscarry. The doctor says he knows it is hard for me, but not to worry about future pregnancy that we really just had bad luck. I really want to try again, and I told my husband I would go through everything 10 times if that is what i takes, but I am petrified.

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answers from New York on

My dIL has an 18 yo and 14yo . Married my son they have two boys ages 5 and 3. She has had 4 second trimester losses! I hope they stop. It is possible to have a full term normal pregnancy after losses. For my DIL I think not. She is also 40 years old. Time to enjoy the kids they have. I hope things work out for you. It is not easy going thru this. Hugs.

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answers from Washington DC on


I am sooo sorry for your losses!! I know how you feel. I lost 3 babies and one at 22 weeks. We had the autopsy done on our girl. I, WE, **NEEDED** answers.

I lost a baby at 13 weeks between my oldest son and my youngest son. So it is possible to have a full-term pregnancy after a loss.

While you have two children NOW - I would STRONGLY recommend that you and your husband go in for genetic testing. You may have two healthy children together....however....sometimes, things change.

I understand COMPLETELY where you are coming about being petrified. After we lost Alexis, I got pregnant again. We lost that one at 13 to 15 weeks. I was messed up. Two pregnancies in one year - two losses in one year...I get why you are petrified. Please, get the genetic testing done to see if there is a problem before you get pregnant again.

My heart goes out to you. Please know you are not alone. I am hugging you.

Best to you.

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answers from San Diego on

I recently miscarried and had a d&c. It was suggested to me to wait 3 full cycles before getting preg. again because the risk of another miscarriage is very high. Your body needs the time to rebuild the lining that was lost in the procedure. Did they mention this to you after your d&c?

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answers from Washington DC on

Friend of ours had 2 or 3 second trimester miscarriages. She was eventually diagnosed with a clotting problem (I think) that affects women who have already had children. Once she was properly treated, she was able to go on and have a healthy baby girl. I would ask your OB about the possibility that you have such an issue and what can be done.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I am so very sorry. I have been where you are and I understand how awful this is. Please get checked for all clotting abnormalities including MTHFR and Factor v deficiency. There are many other issues to be worked up so I suggest you see a reproductive endocrinologist. I did and I'm sorry to say found I carry a MTHFR defect which can lead to clotting during pregnancy. I was aggressive about testing which is how I discovered it. Please get a work up and take care of yourself. I was told to rest for 3 or 4 months before trying again and I think you need that long to begin to heal your body and soul. Again, my heart felt sympathy. Blessings on your healing.

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answers from Denver on

Just wanted to say how sorry I am for your losses. So incredibly difficult to go through, I know.

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answers from Seattle on

I have. I had my first miscarriage at around 5 weeks and my second at about 16. I passed naturally with both and no need for any other medical intervention. Anyhow, I went onto have a daughter after the first and a son after the second. I don't carry to term due to one reason or another but I did give birth to healthy children.

I am so sorry you are going through this horrible time and wish you and yours the best in the future.

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answers from Reading on

I had a miscarriage at 20 weeks, another at 10 weeks and then a chemical pregnancy (a miscarriage that occurs when you would expect your period). After that, I had three healthy pregnancies that went to term. My doctor also tested me to see if there was a reason for multiple miscarriages, but the tests found nothing. Please give yourself time to grieve and just take of yourself. Hugs!

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answers from Chicago on

I am so sorry for your losses, it is such a difficult time. I know, I have been there too. I had three uneventful, healthy, term pregnancies. Then I lost a baby at 14 weeks, he actually passed while I was having an ultrasound. They noticed some concerning issues and wanted to do a vaginal US for a better look. By the time they started the vaginal US his heartbeat had stopped. I was induced and delivered him the next day. We did testing on both him and me, both came back normal. My next pregnancy ended at 12 weeks, his testing also came back normal. My last pregnancy was thankfully another uneventful, healthy, term pregnancy. The losses were so hard and confusing because there was no explanation for why it happened, especially twice in a row after 3 very normal pregnancies. I was very nervous that it was going to happen again, I don't think you can help but worry. I would encourage you to take a least a little time off from trying for another to let your body and heart heal. But when you are ready go for it. I was like you and willing to endure more losses in order to have another baby, unless I was given a medical reason to stop trying I was going to continue.
When you get pregnant again i would encourage you to look into meditation or yoga or something to help you relieve stress and worry, that kind of stress isn't good for either of you, but is inevitable to an extent. A healthy pregnancy after 2 losses is possible, I am proof of that. I wish you the very best.

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answers from Sioux City on

I am so sorry! I have also been where you are. I had three normal pregnancies and then I had a child die at 31 weeks and at 16 weeks. I did go on to have another child who is perfectly healthy. They discovered I had a thyroid issue and I had very low progesterone. I had to supplement progesterone for the entire pregnancy which is not a common practice with OB's. I had a wonderful doctor who is really cutting edge in the fertility field. I am so thankful! Miscarriages and stillbirths are incredibly difficult! I will pray all goes well and that you get the care you need.

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answers from Washington DC on

I had six miscarriages before I had my dd. It was really rough. All mine were very early, but I did go on to have a normal pregnancy. I was older, but if you look at all the things that have to happen to have a normal pregnancy and a normal baby it is mind boggling. It's amazing that there are actually people here on Earth. Hang in there, eat right, don't exercise too much as that has been associated with miscarriage.

Keep trying, sometimes it just is a string of bad luck.



answers from Chicago on

Ive only had a first trimester loss discovered at my 9wk US so cant really comment other than I admire your strength and determination.....I cant imagine the pain and heartache you've gone thru repeatedly. I am hoping that you will have your baby that you so desire. Good Luck and never lose hope.


answers from Philadelphia on

i had one at 12 weeks. hearbeat J. stopped they didnt know why, tested and everything came back normal. turns out i have low progesterone so they monitored M. weekly with emmy and i was on supplements and it went fine

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