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K.S. asks from Cedar Hill, TX
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Hey all!!

I am just soooo frustrated!! I don't want this to sound negative, I am just looking for advice :)

In 2006, I got married, had liver issues, had a three stints put in, had my gall bladder removed and then my period stopped. I thought it was stress related... my body went through a lot. In August 06 I was diagnosed with PCOS. I also started gaining tons of weight at that point.

Before all that, my weight was pretty steady.

FastForward to December 2009, I had my third baby (first pregnancy was twins). I was a happy size 10 after I had him and was steady with that weight for more than 3 months.

In March, I got a Mirena IUD (I was wearing my skinny jeans size 10). Since then I have gained a LOT of weight. I tried to put those same jeans on and they wouldn't even go above my hips. I have gained 15+ lbs.

I have been doing WW and staying under 21 points. Plus I am exercising and chasing 3 kids around. I am tracking my calories w/ Loseit.com on my iphone and I have about 1100 calories per day to eat. I am normally under. Yet I am gaining more and more weight.

I am not taking any prescriptions, like Metformin or anything.

I just want to lose weight. I am {desperate} to lose weight!! If anyone has any ideas... or if you have been there done that. HELP. Please. :)

For my sanity and self confidence.

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Mirena has been linked to significant weight gain as it contains hormones. Not only does it create a barrier for implantation, but it contains similar hormones that the pill does (and we all know how the pill causes weight gain!)
If you truly do have PCOS, which I would question as you don't sound as if your borderline diabetic or watching your blood sugars, have no mention of excess hair on your face and you have been successful at getting pregnant, then this could be a cause for inability to lose weight.
The smoking gun to me is the fact that you've had previous liver issues AND you have your gallbladder removed. In my practice I have realized that most people have adrenal fatigue and most have liver issues. If you can believe it, about 50% of my patients no longer have a gallbladder and are stressed beyond imagination!
When you have your gallbladder removed, it puts excess strain on your liver as it has to immediately produce bile, rather than using stored bile when you eat a meal. This is not very efficient and can cause improper metabolism of fats. This will then decrease your ability to absorb Vitamins D, E, A, K. You will then have decreased immunity, decreased healthy cell growth and and increased risk of all cancers if this goes on for a prolonged period of time.
When your adrenals become fatigued your sleep starts to get difficult (waking up at odd hours or insomnia), crave sweets or salty foods at around 10am and 2-3pm, moody, difficulty losing weight, etc.
I'm sure much of this has to do with the Mirena IUD, but I do like to get to the true CAUSE of the problem and I believe that your body has been crying for help before the IUD was put in (or you wouldn't have mentioned it in the advice request!).
You are sincerely the typical case I get the privilege of seeing everyday. If you would like some help with this and any other health issue, I would be honored to help. Please email me with any questions, concerns or information on how to make an appointment. God Bless.

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You're probably gaining weight because you aren't eating enough calories. Sound weird? Not really.

You need to eat at least 1200 calories per day and perhaps even a few more to accommodate your size and activity. You have to have enough fuel for your daily activities. If you do not eat enough calories your body taps into her inner cave girl and starts to hoard energy in the form of fat. The brain thinks "Oh no! When is she going to feed me properly again? Oh wait, she isn't eating enough calories - never mind! I'd better hang on to the fat she does have and slow my metabolism waaayyyyy down in case she pulls this trick for an extended period of time."

Think of your metabolism like a fire. If you want to keep a fire burning, you have to occasionally throw wood on it every so often. If you build a fire but never give it any wood it eventually slows down and dies out. So, feed your fire!

Also, with PCOS you may wish to adopt a diabetic nutrition plan. Eat every 2-3 hours (again, will help your metabolism), make fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats/dairy the majority of your diet. Don't avoid carbs - just limit them to complex carbs and smaller servings.

Finally, if you can fit in strength training it would be worthwhile. Strength training is another way to boost your metabolism so your body can be a calorie burning furnace. Muscle mass requires more energy while at rest so even while you're sitting there you're burning more calories than if you don't strength train at all. Furthermore, muscle takes up less space than fat so even while your scale might not move (muscle weighs more) your clothes will fit better and your muscles will be toned.

Ask your ob/gyn or your primary care physician about the PCOS and if you could be referred to a nutritionist or dietitian. This may be helpful in assisting you with your nutritional plan specific to the PCOS.

But...most importantly...for starters you need to consume more calories per day so your metabolism doesn't slow down.

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answers from Dallas on

One of the side effects of inflammation in the body is weight gain. One of the side effects of not sleeping well is weight gain. I have found both of these out by listening to the doctors on my business' team calls. That explained why, when people started taking the liquid nutrition I take, weight came off without eating differently. Better sleep, it going after the inflammation in our body and putting out the fire so to speak allowed that to happen. It became such a common thing that happened, I loved it happening to me, that the CEO asked why he was getting all these happy reports about that. Above was their explanation. I will be glad to tell you what it is I have been taking over 2 1/2 years. Just email me back thru Mamasource. For sure has made a dramatically good change in the health of my husband and me. He has lost 54 pounds and looks wonderful. Neither of us went on a diet. Just kept eating as we had! It's liquid, 97% absorbed and allows the body to heal. Good stuff! A.



answers from San Diego on

I had the Mirena IUD and had to have it removed. I gained weight and was emotional all of the time. It was a rollercoaster. The IUD was removed about 8 months ago and I have been fine ever since. Have not yet lost all the weight, but working on it. I feel much better.

Take it easy, Do the research about the Mirena IUD.

Good luck.


answers from Portland on

I know when I had the mirena, I couldn't lose weight at all. And while I had it, I gained 10 lbs. I also had a lot of other symptoms as well, but that's a whole other story.
I was excersising moderately everyday. Eating right and using Herbalife, and nothing would take the weight away! It was really discouraging.
Fast-forward a year, I decided to take the mirena out. a week or two later, I started to lose weight again and all the weird symptoms i had went away.

(Just if you were wondering what symptoms I had, I'll list them here just in case you experience them too.)
1) my periods lasted for 2 weeks or longer, every month for a year!
2) depression/emotional all the time
3) weight gain/couldn't lose
4) I was hungry all the time! I was disciplined and able to not eat all the time, but it was like i was still pregnant.

I got it taken out after suspecting the mirena had to do with it, and all the symptoms went away within 1-2 weeks.



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my daughter had a Mirena IUD and did gain lots of weight. After 2 1/2 years of frustration, she had it taken out, got pregnant again by choice and had her baby. She is now working out watching calorie intake and LOSING WEIGHT!


I just want to see the answers now. I already gave my answer.



answers from Dallas on

First of all, I would check in with your gyn and internist to find out if there are any med combos that are causing this. If they say no, then I have to say it's your age, metabolism slowing down, etc and it sux! I am also doing everything right and the weight comes off maybe an ounce at a time if I don't cheat. I think you should see a nutritionist and then totally mix things up with your body to shock it. Read Oxygen mag and start weight training. Do exercise at different times of day to shock your body. Have you tried a Southbeach approach and stopped all white carbs?
Hang in there and don't give up. If you do, you will be struggling to get 20 off before you know it.