Miralax and Constipation

Updated on March 30, 2009
J.M. asks from New Braunfels, TX
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Since we started school we have been battling with constipation with our 5 year old. I think it is the transition from "free range" drinking to structure. I have met with the dr countless times and first we tried diet changes with no luck, now we are on miralax. I just wonder if anyone has used this long term with their child and has an opinion. I tried taking her off it over the Christmas break and over spring break but the constipation comes back horribly. I was wondering if putting her on a drinking schedule may help? I could have her go to the nurse or teacher at 9 and one (she has lunch at 11) and drink a glass of water or juice and then make sure she drinks every 2 when she gets home. She takes a half dose of Miralax daily and it seems to keep it under control. Thoughts, ideas???

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answers from San Antonio on

My daughter is 7 and we started her on Miralax last fall. We had potty issues for over a year, and it wasn't until we moved and got a new doctor that he ordered an ultra sound and found compacted poop in her rectum and this was also preventing her from emptying her bladder. We have had the same experience when stopping over school breaks. So we try not to forget to give it to her. I started sending an apple everyday for her snack (extra fiber) and changed her bread to the extra fiber kind also. Your not alone!

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answers from Houston on

I understand your situation - we battled the same thing last year.
Is your daughter is public or private school? If she is in private school I would suggest you talk to the teacher and see if it's possible for the kids to have access to a closed container with a straw for drinking during class. Not all day - but during various times during the day. Our school allows students to have such a container at their desk all day.
If it's a public school - good luck - but it might be worth a conversation with the teacher and / or pricipal.
Keep in mind that if she is on Miralax for a long period her bowels will become accustom to that product as a stimulant.
Good luck.

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My 5 year old daughter was on Miralax for about 9 months. We had (still have to some degree) potty issues and she was a mixture of constipated and holding it in.
We sought much advice from pediatricians and almost all said miralax was ok for extended periods of time. We gradually decreased her dosage and increased fiber foods and now she is no longer on miralax.
It's odorless and tasteless so she didn't know she was taking it.
I'd say put on her miralax until she gets a regular schedule down and have her stay on that schedule for a few weeks AT LEAST. Then start decreasing the dosage slowly and see how it goes.

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