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Updated on March 07, 2013
S.G. asks from Redmond, WA
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We are in market to buy a used minivan for our growing family. We have shorlisted 2008-2010 Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna. But one of my major concern is- I want to install my infant car seat base in the middle row and that too I am thinking of putting it on the middle seat (the one that is removable in an 8-seater minivan). Though we have test driven one 2009 Honda Odyssey, but the dealer couldnot come up with any answer if we can install car seat base in the middle seat of middle row with bucket/chair seat on both door sides.
So all moms out there who have Honda odyssey or Toyota Sienna, is it possible to install the same. Do you have any luck putting infant car seat on the removale middle seat. or any other way to seat an infant, a 4-year old preschooler and an old age grandmom in the middle row. or Any other possibility
PS: we have one 4 years old whom we are planning to seat on the chair seat in the middle row as it is easy for his preschool teacher to buckle-unbuckle him. And my mom is also living with us and in this old age it is not easy for her to climb to the third row everytime. So we are reserving another chair seat in the middle row for her.
Thanks in advance.

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answers from Portland on

Take your car seat base with you and try it. It's my guess that you can because cars have that capability now. But I've not seen a minivan that has 3 bucket seats in the second row.

My daughter and I both have 7 seat mini vans. Her second row has 2 bucket seats and they both allow them to plug in their car seat base.

Hmmm. I answered here but wondered why a duplicate of a question you asked yesterday?

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answers from Chicago on

We have a 2005 Sienna that is an 8 passenger. It has 3 bucket seats across the middle, and we have our infant carseat/base in the middle seat as well with a carseat on one side door seat for my 5 year old. The two older kids sit in the 3rd row so we leave the 3rd bucket seat up for them to be able to get in and out for school drop off. I'm not sure with the newer models how the seats are set up in the 8 passenger, but if they still have the 3 bucket seats you should be good with the Sienna.

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answers from Chicago on

Did the dealer have the owner's manual for the Odyssey? It should specify if that seat is capable of having a seat installed.

As for your elderly mother, have her sit in the front passenger seat when she rides with you, and either you or your husband can sit in the 3rd row. That's what we always did when we had older passengers in our car when we were growing up. We did this even though my dad is 6'3".

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answers from Washington DC on

Take your seat to the dealer and try the install. If it works, buy the van. Is there another reason you are not sure it can be installed other than fit? We had DD's Keyfit and her Marathon RF in our 7 seat van in the middle on the end (essentially the most central seat in the van).



answers from Atlanta on

I answer this question the first time you posted it. Please check that answer.

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