Minimum Legal Age to Get a Job...???

Updated on May 22, 2007
M.A. asks from Rowlett, TX
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My two teen, boy and girl, will turn 15 in Agust and they want to get a little part time job for summer. I'm trying to know what is the minimun legal age for that.

They have a friend who was hired as a sacker in a little supermarket, being 14...

Thanks for any info and apologies for my "ignorance" in this topic.

Have everybody a great and blessed weekend.


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I used to manage a small retail store in the mall back home. Every summer we would go through the local office of the texas workforce commission and hire teens for the summer. It is a special program that pays them well and they get training and assistance finding a job!!! We loved it! Although we personally never had anyone under the age of 15 work for us, I am fairly certain they can start with that progrm at age 14.

Check with you local workforce commission office and see if they have it up here!!!

Hope this helps and good luck!! I know I started working at age 15 and wouldn't have traded it for the world!!!

hugs and blessings

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Click here for the Texas Child Labor Laws website:

It has all the information you'd want. I do know kiddos are hired as sackers in grocery stores at 14. My kids all worked since they were 14; but, it was at camps with which they were affiliated - boy scout camp, city day camps, horse riding camps, soccer camps - you get the idea. It wasn't until they were 16 that they could get a "regular" job during the summer and some of those weren't available until you were 17. I do know some of the amusement parks have limited jobs for the younger ones -- Six Flags, Hawaiian Falls are two that I know for certain as my sons have both worked there.

Good luck,

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I guess that it depends...I know that you can start as a soccer lines man at 13...14 years ago they paid 5$ a half or minus a dollar depending on the age group that you lined for. My sister would come home will 200$ in one weekend after working a tournament. I know that it is perfectly legal.

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