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Updated on October 29, 2009
C.M. asks from Cheshire, CT
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Hi there.... my doctor put me on the mini-pill since I was breastfeeding my son (I am now postpartum about 10 weeks - second time around). I've only been on it now for 3 weeks now. The directions recommended staring on your 1st day of your cycle (period)..which I did (my first since having the baby)but now I am having another period (only a week apart)! I have always been super regular about 31 day cycles(even after my 1st baby). Does the mini-pill make you irregular? Has anyone else been on it and had any side-effects like becoming irregular or gaining weight, etc.? I hate being on the pill but thought I would give it a try this time around. (or really any type of hormone birth control -- I always feel like I am not myself when I am on it) Thanks for your input!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your input! Its helps to know what other people experienced on it. I've only been on it for 3 weeks or so but will give it a go until my annual in January with my Ob/GYN which if I need too will switch brands (I'm on Camila). I have not gain any weight on it (too soon really to tell) which I am happy. Like I said it's werid for me to have a another period only a week apart from the first one... and the only other side effect is that I am breaking out on my face as if I was a teenager again! :-) AGAIN THANK YOU!!!

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answers from Albany on

Hi C.- I too went on the mini pill after I had my daughter.I seriously felt like I bled for 8 weeks straight. I hated it! I only lasted 2 months then switched to regular birth control. (stopped breast feeding) Good luck!

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answers from New York on

I was on the low-dose pill while nursing b/c my doctor was concerned that I would get pregnant too quickly after a c-section.

The pill worked, but there were months that I got my period twice (lots of fun) and then others were next to nothing. Eventually after six months, my cycle regulated and I have been fine since. No weight gain or other side effects since.


answers from Rochester on

Hi C.,
I took the mini-pill while breastfeeding both of my children (the first for 11 1/2 months, the second for 13 months) and with my first, I got my period around 8 months, my second it was around 12 or 13 months. I never spotted or anything, but you do have to take the mini-pill at the same time every day or you risk pregnancy. I was terrible at remembering so to be on the safe side I took a pregnancy test every 6 or 8 weeks so I wouldn't have a big surprise later. I never got pregnant on the mini-pill.

I also lost a lot of weight while on it, but I was working out and eating very healthfully and trying to lose weight. I never really felt anything with it (hormones or otherwise). When I stopped nursing I went back on a combination pill. I hope that helps. Every woman's body is different, so you might not be comfortable taking it, but spotting is normal. Hang in there!



answers from New York on

All I know about the mini pill is that 3 people I know have children very close together (14-16 months) because the mini pill didn't really protect them from getting pregnant. I'd consider using additional birth control if you don't want to get pregnant again soon.



answers from New York on

I discussed this and many of the other things the other responders have posted with my doctor. It is not the pill, it is the breastfeeding that makes you irregular. I took the mini pill from the time my first was 6 weeks old until he was weaned at 7 months. I did not get a period until after I weaned. I am also now currently on it since my second son is 11 weeks and I am nursing him too.
If you hate having to take the pill and don't plan on having anymore children, consider Mirena or another copper IUD. I have my appointment next Monday. My insurance covers it with a $40 co-pay and it is 5 years of BC with no pills or daily routines.

BTW-the copper IUD Paraguard is completely hormone free



answers from Miami on

I am on it and you dont get a real period--only spotting. Unpredictable and annoying!



answers from New York on

Hi C.,
Firstly, congratulations on your second son!

Regarding your reaction to the mini-pill, know that it's common for your cycle to go out of whack, but not required. There are plenty of other brands of mini-pills (I.e with lower hormone levels). Just go back to your doctor to try a different type. Good luck!



answers from New York on

I also was on the mini-pill after I had my daughter, (I was breastfeeding her too) and I didn't experience any side effects except for the fact that some months I would get my period twice, and some months I would totally skip it. The midwife practice that I go to told me it was totally common for this to happen while being on the mini-pill. I also continued to take it even after I was finished breastfeeding until I was ready to get pregnant again, and it worked better for me than the regular pill. Enjoy that baby :)



answers from New York on

I just posted a question related to this. I just started spotting after having no period since before I got pregnant. My son is now 19 months and still breastfed. I have been on the minipill (Camila) since he was 3 months old. I can't say that I have felt any difference at all being on it. Actually, I weigh less then before I got pregnant. I was on Yasmin for many years before I stopped to conceive and has no problems with that either. My skin is not as clear as it was with the combo pill. That's about it. I think people blame a lot on the pill. Its very low hormone.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi. I have been on the mini pill since my son was about 6 weeks old and he is now 2. I have been irregular a few times, but I think it is usually when I miss a pill or 2 OR take a pill later than the usual time I take it. Maybe once or twice a month I get a really bad headache on one side of my head which my doctor said could be from the pill, but the pill in general, not just the mini pill. I have definitely gained weight since being on the mini pill, but I wouldn't say it's been from the pill, lol. I don't know if this will help or not, but since I can relate to the question, I just wanted to give you my experience. I can't think of any other problems I have had from the mini pill.

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