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Updated on March 12, 2008
S.C. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I am needing a new recipe for mineral veil. Can anyone help? I am not wanting to buy a product from anyone.


** Ladies, please realize that I am not wanting to buy a ready made product, I am asking for a recipe.

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Hi S.,

Don't worry I am not selling anything. LOL Here is a link to a neat website I found that talks about making your own cosmetics.

For their recipes for specific colors see:


Hope this helps.

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I've used the bare essentials before and loved it - I just started buying from a company called everyday minerals (it's online). Their stuff seems just as good, and it is a lot less expensive. Plus -- you can select a sample kit with 5 items (i think) and all you pay for is shipping. I've had 2 orders from them so far and no complaints.



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I am a Mary Kay Consultant, we have just launched a whole new line of (!fabulous) mineral makeup. Consultations are ALWAYS complimentary. If you are interested, please visit my website at www.marykay.com/cswetich for more information.

Always glad to help,




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i am not sure if you have ever heard of Arbonne but i am a sales rep for the company. We sell all natural makeup. We have the mineral makeup. It is all made from herbs and botanical. Let me know if i can help.
L. Green
Arbonne Internation



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I have tried 2 different kinds... Jane Iredale (www.janeiredale.com) and Pur. I loved Jane Iredale - pricey, but coverage is fabulous (I bought it at Beauty Store and Salon or you can also find it online) - and I've recently started using Pur (I buy it at Ulta) - mostly because it costs less.

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