Minecraft Bedroom Decor Ideas

Updated on March 04, 2013
B.A. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Okay, mamas, my husband and kids will be away for a week in mid-April, and my 7.5 year old son turns 8 in May. While they're away, I want to redecorate my younger son's room for his birthday (it's still baby-ish). I'm choosing the Minecraft theme. I want to accessorize with things like pictures, dresser knobs, etc. If you are familiar with the game, do you have any ideas of what else I could do? The walls are slate blue and I'm not repainting. He has a loft bed that is white and silver with a navy bed spread. I don't mind making some things, as I'm handy with the computer (hence the framed pics. I can also make flat magnets, stickers, and iron-ons). I'm not a good seamstress, but I could probably muddle through simple projects. I will be buying an area rug for the pergo floor, but the rug will probably be fairly neutral/generic so I don't have to replace it for a long time as he outgrows the Minecraft theme (assuming he will!). I'd like to keep the costs down, so I'm okay with buying used or inexpensive items and repurposing them. On the flip side, I also don't mind spending a little more on things like lamps that have lasting value especially if the shade can be changed out, or something like that. If you can offer some input, I'd be really appreciative! TIA!

BTW, I don't play the game, and know only very little about it. I've looked at google images, and I have a basic idea that there is a creeper and tnt in the game.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I don't know all that much about it, but my kids play and love it. Definitely incorporate a creeper somehow. My daughter wanted a creeper hoodie for Christmas. :)

They also do a lot of digging... so maybe some shovels or ladders...
There are also zombies. Everything is pixelated blocks. Lots of stone and wood. Very basic.

Sorry I am not more help.



answers from Dallas on

Go to the website - thinkgeek.com and type minecraft in the search and some things will come up. They may give you ideas. He may also be able to help MAKE some stuff, since it's all block shaped.

You may find ideas on google.com - type minecraft in search and then click on images.


answers from Kalamazoo on

Everything is in blocks - so maybe a block type based lamp, square storege ottoman? block type handles/knobs? If you could replicate the clouds somehow into a light fixture, that would be cool! Lots of little torches around too - maybe replicate with pics??

There is some stuff on Amazon



answers from Sacramento on

Etsy.com has a lot of things in Minecraft theme. Otherwise, it's extremely difficult to find much of anything Minecraft. Our son is totally into the game and I've looked endlessly.

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