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Updated on July 13, 2010
L.S. asks from West Linn, OR
6 answers

Any suggestinns on where to buy the milk to go (boxes) for long car rides that aren't a small fortune? I think a buck 40 is a little steep for 8 oz of milk in a box! I would buy it by the case if I could

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answers from Los Angeles on

The cases keep for a really long time, so you could always buy it and just bring with you what you need for the car ride. If you think you'd use up a case within a year, it's worth it.

Otherwise, pack a small cooler and just bring a regular container of milk and a sippy cup.

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answers from Portland on

Trader Joe's is a good source. They carry the little boxes and are much more reasonable (even if not cheap) than most places. We used them all the time for car rides too. After a while, I just invested in a really good quality thermos (with a glass liner) for trips under a day. For longer trips, we take the boxes or refill the thermos as we go.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Just freeze it right in the bottle or sippy. Pack them in a cooler and set one out to thaw every few hours.



answers from San Diego on has milk boxes by the case you can saves you a bit. The particular case I looked at was Horizon Organic. I only buy organic milk, so it is a little pricier anyways, but worth the money for me to not buy milk with hormones, etc for my little ones.



answers from Cleveland on

Milk is completely freezable! There is an island I have vacationed on since a child; frozen milk everywhere, never larger than a pint. I'd make up your own.



answers from Chicago on

Playtex has a cooler called the Fridge to Go which holds 2 bottles/sippy cups and keeps them cold for up to 12 hours. I think it's about $20 and can be purchased at Target. I put my 1-year old's milk in there, but for my 3.5 year old I buy the boxes, since he doesn't drink as much milk. I usually 1 or 2 in the diaper bag in case we have to leave the house in a hurry or get delayed some where.

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