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Updated on May 18, 2008
R.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Does anyone know of any breast milk storage bags (for freezer) that can also serve as a bottle liner that works for the actual feeding? It would save the step of transferring to a bottle for the feeding after thawing the milk...less dishes for me!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the tips everyone. I already use the Lansinoh bags but am planning to go get a few of the playtex bottles to use. Thanks for the other helpful hints too.

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answers from Des Moines on

I really liked the Lanisoh storage bags. They were all around easy to use and can be used inside a drop in bottle.
Hope this helps!

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answers from Rapid City on

I used the lansinoh breat milk storage bags for freezing and storing my breast milk when I was nursing. When I had to go back to work, and my daughter went to a sitter, she just thawed the milk in warm water and used the lansinoh bags in the Playtex nurser bottles. It wasn't a "perfect" fit, maybe, but it worked great for us, none the less. The bags just folded over the top and she screwed the cap/nipple on. Like you, I didn't want to buy 2 bags for one job. I also prefered using the bags for freezing, because I could lay the bags flat in the freezer, and then I could easily line them up for use according to the date pumped. I just wrote with a Sharpie on the top of the bag to indicate the date pumped and the amount. By doing this, I was able to use the milk up before it went bad, and I could always see what I had. But, if you are going to pump and then have someone else feed the bottle, and skip the freezing part, I would just keep it in the bottle you pumped in and use the nipples that go with that bottle - it would definatley be more "green"! Good Luck and happy nursing!



answers from Omaha on

Yes, I actually used the playtex bottles w/ the drop in liners. And if you use either the lansinoh (wh/ are better) or gerber storage bags you can just thaw them with the frozen milk in warm water and then place them into the playtex bottles. You just need to flip the bag over the top/outside of the bottle and screw the lid on over the bag. It works!



answers from Minneapolis on

I'm not sure but as an alternative if you use Medela bottles with their nipples you can cap off the bottle when your done pumping and when you're ready to feed just put the nipple on their bottles. I didn't like bags and stored my milk in Medela bottles.



answers from Minneapolis on

Medela makes a freezer ready storage bag. Once used you throw them away, not as great for the environment however easier for moms.



answers from Minneapolis on

They may have improved the Medela liners, however, when I used them a few years ago they were cumbersome - trying to attach them to the pump, fold them with the twist ties (no zipper closure) etc. I found that the Gerber seal n go storage bags are WONDERFUL! They have a ziploc closure on them and can go right into the freezer. They can then be used with the bottles or you can pour the milk into a different bottle, too.

I can't remember where I last bought them - either Target or Walmart . . . maybe Babies R Us.

Good luck!



answers from Green Bay on

I used the Playtex liners. It worked nice because there was a space to write the date I pumped and they fit in my freezer door. They are much less expensive than the medela bags and they come in a bigger volume. They also come in 8oz and 4 oz. size. When it came time to use it I just put the bag in warm water and then dropped them in the playtex bottle.



answers from Rochester on

I found milk storage bags to be too expensive. I opted to put the milk into ice cube trays. Once it froze, I would pop them out and store them in zip lock baggies. I would put enough in one baggie for one bottle and take enough out of the freezer each night for the next day. Each cube is about an ounce, so it was always easy to measure.



answers from Madison on

I've not actually used these but they have great reviews. I did, however, use the drop-ins for regular bottle feedings with my last and loved them. Only down side I can see is that you get 6 sealers in one box. I'm planning on getting 4 boxes and hoping for the best. Oh and to save some money, Target sells liners and they are just as sturdy.



answers from Waterloo on

the gerber bags are the pits! So many of them had holes when I thawed them. We loved the Lansinoh brand bags the plastic was thick and had a double zip at the top. I think we used the playtex drop in system and all you do is stretch the lansinoh bags over the top of the bottle. Another tip is to freeze your milk flat. It takes up less space in your freezer this way and gets less freezer burn. Make sure to push all of the air out of the bag before freezing.

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