Milk, Soy Free Birthday Cake

Updated on April 29, 2010
M.R. asks from Berrien Springs, MI
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Hi! I have a 10 month old dd with MSPI (milk, soy protein intolerance). I am looking for a cake recipe for her, but I don't know how it would taste like without milk or soy... I do want her to have her cake, but should I put all the guests through it too? What are your thoughts?

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answers from Lansing on

Good morning. Meijer carries a great company called Namaste that produces cake, brownie, pancake, and other mixes that are free of many allergens. My son has 7 food intolerances including soy and dairy and I have used this mix many times for his birthday. The cake comes out very moist and everyone who tries a piece always asks for the recipe.

One caveat, I have not had good luck baking this cake mix in silicone baking pans. Because the mix is so moist the cake sticks to the sides of the pan and does not release well at the end of the baking time.

Good luck!


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answers from Benton Harbor on

For my son's first birthday he had his own cake, for him to totally destroy on his own. Needless to say he had cake in his hands and hair and all over his face. I know a lot of people who do this for the first birthday. And we did get some great pictures. So if you do that you could make a cake specially for her, and then do what ever for everyone else.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi again M.----I was going to suggest almond milk also but forgot about the nut thing. Another option besides rice milk could be coconut milk. You can get coconut creamers and milk in half gallon cartons now. You could always just get a can of low-fat coconut milk as well. My daughter makes a killer coconut cupcake...all vegan. Let me know and I can share the recipe.

The idea to get a seperate cake for guests could work. I'm kind of a stinker though. I usually make the same thing for everyone. Won't hurt them and I'm sure everyone will be, or should be, sypathetic to your daughter's dietary restrictions.

Talk to you soon. D.

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answers from Detroit on

If you do a search for "Chocolate crazy cake" you'll get several hits and it is an awesome cake, no milk, no eggs. My favorite for chocolate, moist and raises real nice.
But there are lots of recipes that don't necessary call for milk or soymilk. If a milk is needed there is rice milk or almond milk on the market now. My family actually drink all of these and I use them for different applications.

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answers from Chicago on

I work with a dietitian and we write a food blog that has recipes that are free of the 8 top allergens (including milk and soy). We have a really yummy cupcake recipe and frosting recipe on the blog. We work really hard to create recipes that are not only safe for folks living with allergies, but that taste so good everyone will like them. Our website is

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answers from Chicago on

Sorry, I don't have a milk and soy free cake recipe but I think that you should save yourself some work and buy a separate cake for the guests. If you find a good cake recipe, make cupcakes for your daughter. Give her one for her birthday and then freeze the rest. You can give her the thawed cupcakes during other special occasions. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

What about almond milk? I do not know exactly what is in it so check the label but I do know my vegan niece drinks it so I believe it is dairy free.



answers from Kalamazoo on

Use rice milk instead of dairy or soy milk. Should turn out fine! Also you can use oil instead of margarine or butter, same amounts. Avoid nut milks because of your daughter's age, wait until she's about 2.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a chocolate cake recipe that is SOOOOOO good! We served it at my son's 1st and 2nd birthday parties and several people said it was one of the best cakes they have ever eaten. You can definitely serve this cake to all of the guests and to your daughter.

I don't have the recipe in a format that I can copy and paste, but if you send me a private message with your email address, I'd be happy to email it to you.




answers from Detroit on

I know this isn't going to answer this question, however my husband is Vegan (no meat, dairy, eggs)... and now, he is cutting out his soy intake. We just got some non-dairy, no soy "butter" the other day that is really really good... you would NEVER know the difference! We found it at Whole Foods.

We have baked plenty without milk or soy, and trust me... nobody ever knew the difference. Almond Milk is my daughter's favorite... and although expensive, coconut yogurt is a favorite in our house too!

Good luck :-)

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