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Updated on January 17, 2016
B.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I breastfeed my baby and she is almost 8 months old. It's been my intention to breastfeed for at least 1 yr. I have had no issues with milk production throughout these 8 months. But in the past couple wks, I've been beginning to wonder if my production is lower than normal. I send my daughter to daycare 2 days/wk. Last week when I sent her I was only pumping 1-2 oz each time I pumped, where in the past, I would pump 3-4 oz each time. She seems hungrier in the afternoons and is eating more frequently. I've thought she might be just going through a growth spurt, but I pumped yesterday and the same thing happened. She is eating solids 3x/day in addition to eating the breast milk (she's breastfeeding before eating solids). Nothing has changed with that. My question is.... is it common for a person's milk production to lower on it's own even though the baby is still breastfeeding? She should be getting what she needs and I should be producing what she needs, but it almost seems like I'm not. Nothing has changed in my diet. I've changed breast pumps too, so I don't think that's it. I'm looking for input before I head to the doc. Thanks.

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To increase breast milk healthy nursing tea by secrets of tea is the best.



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It is totally normal for your production to go down once your baby starts eating solids--they aren't using you for their sole source for nutrition anymore. Mine always decreased. My daughter is 6 months now and I just started her on solids. I have already noticed a decrease and I understand your concern. Of course I am dealing w/ a bout of mastitis too so that might be my issue right now. If she has been on solids for a while and you are just now noticing a change other factors may be involved. Have you been sick or stressed? These can also affect production.
If you are still worried, you can always boost your production w/ Mother's Milk tea. It does wonders for me. You can find it in the organic section at Cub.



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Have you gotten your period back yet? If not, your body could be gearing up for that. The hormone changes that happen with that can affect your milk supply. Some women say their supply goes down before they get their period, but then goes back up afterwards. Mine didn't do that. Each month my supply went down a bit more and didn't come back. Just keep feeding your baby as much as possible. Add in an extra pumping session to see if that helps your production. Make sure you're drinking/eating enough. Hang in there!



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i know rasberry leaf tea has helped with my production of milk, lots & lots of water and mothers milk tea(which are at all the co-ops). that's all i know. good luck!



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Oatmeal! Eat a bowl every morning. (Even cookies count!)

Nurse your baby as much as you can when you are with her. Babies do a better job at emptying the breast than any machine can, and their sucking helps increase supply. Also, empty each breast completely at each feeding if possible.

Check out kellymom for ideas:

Fenugreek and blessed thistle can also be used, but don't take any supplements until you've tried other methods, since most of the time low supply can be upped with other methods.

Good luck,

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