Milk Out of Nowhere?

Updated on June 03, 2011
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

Our little one, my first is now 7.5 months old. We stopped b-feeding at 5 months. I never had any leaking, and no difficulty with the weaning. Out of no where, yesterday, I had a few drips of milk. This was totally unexpected. Any ideas as to why? Does this warrant speaking to my doctor?


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answers from Tampa on

Most women who have produced breastmilk at any stage in time will continue making a 'memory' supply... the barest minimal needed so the body can quickly get back up to full production with very little help. This is why re-lactation is so simple.

There are some disorders that may cause copious amounts of drainage from the nipple... but most are diagnosed during or after menopause.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I can tell you that I have not breatfed in about 2 yrs and still had leaking. Went to my yearly and my gyno said to refrain from hot showers or stimulation during sex. We did that and it slowed way down. I went to another gyno for a second opnion on an other issue and the new doc shared with me that there is something in the brain that tells the breasts to make milk. That can be treated with meds.

The kicker with the brain issue is that it can also say not to ovulate you are nursing. So that was an issue for infertility we had for so many years after our 1st born. :-(

So question it for sure.

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answers from Amarillo on

I had that problem, and it was due to a thyroid imbalance. It can also be due to a benign tumor on your pitutary gland (very rare), which can be ruled out with a simple blood test (check your prolactin levels). Most likely it is nothing, milk tends to hang around for a while after you stop breast feeding, but if it continues for several more months you might get it checked out.

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answers from Topeka on

A simple blood test can rule things out.I have has leaking in my teens I had to have an MRI for a tumor on the pituatary gland a result it was my medicatiosn I was on.Now fast forward several yrs later still leaking,but my results are normal I have had 3 kids all of them were bfed still leaking bu my blood tests are normal if it becomes an issue I will agree to go on a medication to help dry me up.
Your lil one is still young the crying alone will produce your body to produce milk itself without baby actually bfing from your breast its just natures way,if it continues & your worried about it being something else call your Dr.



answers from New York on

I never really had leaking, but several weeks after my son was weaned, my breasts felt uncomfortable and when I pressed them , milk came out. A few weeks later I found out I was preggo. :)



answers from Phoenix on

This one brought back a funny memory. I nursed baby #2 for about 18-20 months. Weaned him. And my milk never completely dried up. And then it sort of 'came in' again. So my doctor sent me to an internist. By then I had not BF for over 7 months. The internist took one look at me and said, are you using birth control? Turns out I was pregnant at 40. I as not expecting that as it took so long to get pregnant with the last one.

It was explained to me that the hormones that sustain lactation are strong and stay in our systems for a long time, sometimes many months after pregnancy and weaning.


answers from Hartford on

It's normal. It may keep happening for even a year or two and it's nothing to worry about.

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