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Updated on July 23, 2012
K.B. asks from San Diego, CA
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We went on a vacation to Mexico,me, my husband and our toddler. When my husband was growing up he grew up drinking goat milk so when we were in Mex he decided to give our toddler a taste of goat milk, he drank it and thank God he didn't get sick. Its been five days and our toddler doesn't want to drink any milk.Not even goat milk. I've tried different brands of milk and nothing. How do i get my toddler to drink milk again? He does ask for it and i give him to him and he just carries the cup around. Plus, i've tried differenet cups, sippy cups, etc. How do i go about this so he drinks it again? if i give him chocolate milk, he will drink it but, I don't want to give him chocolate milk ALL THE TIME :/ help. thanks

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answers from Seattle on

Hershey's syrup.

Start out heavy, then gradually decrease it to nothing over a month.

1 month (2 weeks, really, 3rd week is hint'o'chocolate, 4th is waving the chocolate in the general direction of the milk) of chocolate milk out of 16 years.


Been there, and done that.

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answers from Dallas on

Does your toddler eat a well balanced diet? If so, he does NOT need milk. My son doesn't drink milk, I don't drink milk. Thousands and thousands of people simply can't.

We are all healthy. We eat the food we should. Proteins, veggies, fruits, fats. We don't need milk. If he eats well, don't worry about it. Milk is NOT needed, to be a healthy toddler. In fact, many toddlers drink too much milk, and don't eat enough food.

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answers from San Diego on

People don't need milk. Perhaps he's just listening to his body. If he eats a well balanced diet, then he's getting the vitamins and minerals he needs. Adult cows don't even drink cow milk and they have the two stomachs needed to digest it. Our bodies weren't meant to drink cow milk - too much fat compared to what nutrients you receive from it. Strawberries have more calcium and more Vitamin D than milk. Goat's milk is healthier, but also isn't needed. We've just started drinking unsweetened almond milk and it actually tastes better than cow milk (doesn't have that little sour aftertaste that milk has) and is easier for us to digest.

Don't worry about making him drink milk - his body probably doesn't need it because he's getting his nutrients from food (which is where he should be getting it from anyway).

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answers from Albany on

None of my kids drank milk. They're 20, 18, and 15, tall and strong and healthy. Don't see why people NEED cow's milk anyway. Plenty of Vit D and Calcium from other sources.

Drove my mother CRAZY that I never made them drink milk. Oh well!


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answers from Milwaukee on

I think as long as he is getting calcium in other sources he will be ok.. You can always offer it but cannot make him drink anything he really does not want.. I would steer clear of chocolate milk. There is no reason to teach them they need sweet stuff to drink something.. There are plenty of other sources of calcium and proteins that you shouldn't have to bribe him to drink milk.

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answers from St. Louis on

if you want him to drink milk, then you need to be consistent. Don't offer different cups...pick one & stick to it. Don't give in & use chocolate milk, & don't offer water or juice as an alternative.

Quite simply: if you want him to drink milk, then you have to be in charge & not cave! Eventually, he'll give in & drink it again. :)

This method is not's simply you not giving in.

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answers from Houston on

Bug said it beautifully!!

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answers from Columbus on

I'm confused by your statement "thank God he didn't get sick." Why would he get sick from goat's milk? Was it not pasteurized? Just too weird for you? Why would goat's milk make him sick? We have discovered that my daughter has an allergy to cow's milk, so we are experimenting with other forms of calcium and it turns out that there are tons of alternative sources. If he likes other dairy, other animal's milk (including goat), or almond/rice/coconut milk, or even spinach, broccoli, and other plant sources. The occasional chocolate milk won't hurt him, but there's more than one way to skin a cat!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

He can have his milk on cereal, in mac and cheese, cheese, in ice cream, in all kinds of foods. I would let it go and give him the chocolate milk, it's 2% so it's good. I think arguing over milk is giving this little guy too much power.

Let him have 6-8 oz of 2% Walmart Brand chocolate milk and be done with the milk part of his day. He really doesn't need it anyway if you are feeding him a well balanced diet that covers all the food groups.

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answers from Portland on

Did he like the goat milk in Mexico or did he hate it? That has a lot to do with it. Maybe he doesn't want that icky taste again. Or, was it served warm or room temp? Does he want that again? Maybe try cutting down the amount of chocolate in his milk so that each time it gets weaker and weaker and maybe you can get to regular milk. Or, give him cookies to dip in regular milk? Will that work for you? I guess maybe we need more information to really help you.

Oh yeah, people don't need milk. Before I had kids I bought a quart a week for cooking and my kitty, but often I poured out a lot of it. So, if he won't drink it, its not a big deal, just make sure he is getting his vitamin D from another source.

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