Milk Drying up All of a Sudden :(

Updated on December 31, 2008
L.M. asks from Fremont, CA
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So I used to be a full on cow with how much milk I could produce. but as of the last few days, my 3 month old acts as if she isn't getting anything when nursing, especially on the left. so I tried pumping to see how much was coming, and hardly anything came out! what are the possible reasons my milk could dry up so suddenly? I am really upset about this. :(

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HI L.,

I am also nursing my 11-1/2 week old daughter and noticed last week that my milk production was going down. A friend had warned me that this often happens around 3 months, so I just started pumping to get my supply up and also try to drink alot of water as other Moms on here have suggested. I have definitely seen an increase in my production.

I hope you have good luck! Take care,



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I just recently found out that a hypothyroid could cause a low milk supply. Maybe you should ask to get your thyroid checked.
Just a thought,



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Get Mother's Milk tea by Traditional Medicinals. It will help you with your milk supply and is very effective. Pump after each feeding that you can and try starting her out hungry on the left side. It will help you get more milk going especially if she is really hungry. Start with that side as much as you can and feed for at least 30 minutes.(15 on each side or 30 on one if you just do one at a time.) Also, water helps alot- drink a glass ever time you nurse. It will help you. Good luck and don't give up yet-- I know it can be discouraging, but you can continue.

Take care,



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I went through this with my oinker son =)

A couple really great pieces of advice that I found is to ALWAYS switch sides at the start of every feeding. So if the last feeding was on the right breast, start with the left at the next session. My left has always produced more and he's also latched on better on that side as well. Maybe offer the breast that produces less more often, even if your child is not telling you she's hungry.

I hope that works! Also, drink lots of water so you can produce an adequate amount of milk for your daughter.

Good muck mama!



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First thing - you need to relax ...easier said than done I know, but stressing out won't help your milk supply. I have been in your shoes....and I know how hard it is. I just want to say that a pump is not the most reliable way to determine how much milk is coming out. I've tried that technique too and freaked myself out because nothing came out...yet my daughter (who's now 4.5 months) continued to have adequate wet/dirty clearly she was getting enough to eat So, rather than look at what you get at the pump, just make sure your little one is dirtying enough diapers. At 3 months old, your daughter could also be going through a growth spurt. Just keep nursing on demand. All that being said...if you are still stressed out and convinced your supply is dwindling....make sure you don't have a plugged duct or mastitis (your doctor or a lactation consultant can help with this). Also, make sure you're eating and drinking well. The days when I didn't get anything while pumping were days when I didn't eat well etc. You can try taking fenugreek (a supplement) to boost your milk supply. I've used it to boost my supply after a bout of mastitis and it worked well.

Good luck and hang in there!



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My only thought is, water, water and more water. Drink the mothers milk tea .These two things always help me.

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