Mildenhall AFB, England

Updated on July 24, 2009
T.S. asks from Panama City, FL
8 answers

Hello Everyone, My family and i are moving to mildenhall AFB in January. I have a few questions if anyone could help with some answers.
1. How is the housing and if there is a waiting list?
2. Is the housing-on or off-base pet friendly?
3. Is the TLF pet friendly or would i need to find a kennel for when we arrive?
Thank you in advance for any and all help

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answers from Miami on

My brother works for the state department and lives in London. He and his family spend a weekend at the base about once a month. They go shopping, watch movies and bowl together as a family. He stays in the TLF which he has always found clean. He's never had a problem with occupancy in the TLF. Hope this helps.

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answers from Tampa on


I can't answer your housing questions. But in regards to your pet. Call Veterinary Services a MacDill ASAP. Being you are going to England, they have strigent in regards to rabies- you may have to have titers done, & have them quarrantined!!! at your expense. The blood for the titers need to be pulled after a certain time after the Rabies vaccine is given.

so make sure you get everything set up with that if you want to take your pets.



answers from Miami on

Doesn't the military have a referral service for their families? You'll need school info, local shopping, housing. I haven't had this experience; but do know that is what my family and friends in the military counted on.
Best to you and your family. May it be an exciting and rewarding experience!
Bella will probably have to fly in cargo, which sucks for dogs...
Blessings, S.



answers from Miami on

1. Housing is generally comparable to most local houses size-wise. They are always clean because that is required before you move out. They do inspections to see if anything is broken or missing as well before you move in or out. Waiting lists depend on the area, you just have to ask the housing office. In Biloxi, we got a house the same day we arrived. In Warner Robins, we never got one and gave up. Here in Miami one just opened up for us and we have been here 2 years. We've never been over seas, but my friends who have never lived in base housing because there was none available.
2. On base you can have pets as long as they are informed you have them and they are up to date on vaccinations. Bases we have lived on had their own vet clinic as well. Off base just depends on who the government is leasing to. We have always had pets.
3. We've never stayed in TLF, we've always used hotels. But whether they are pet friendly probably won't matter because there is a quarantine period for pets when you are over seas. It's likely she will be boarded somewhere until after you've moved into a house anyway. I know people who've chosen to leave their pets behind in the States. Personally, I'd rather deal with the quarantine then give my pets up.



answers from Pensacola on


I wish you the best of luck going to England, I loved it when I was there (75-78 & 86-89). Things have changed a bunch since then, my daughter was there in (2000-2002), she too loved it.
As for Bella, there is a 6 month quarantine for her, so I would try to consider finding someone in the states to keep her for you, I don't like giving you that piece of bad news. It is because they don't have rabies in that country. So TLC wasn't an option of being freindly or not, when we left, I don't remember how it was when I brought my dog back.

Also, remember, every base is what you make of it. Go with a poistive attitude and things will be great. It is a WHOLE DIFFERENT LIFE STYLE OVER THERE. Take advantage of taking day trips, going to the villages, river walks. If you don't like it, it will be your own fault, there is much education to be sought over there, in Scottland, Ireland and the European theater. If you want to contact me my e-mail address is [email protected]

Have fun and enjoy.



answers from Miami on

Hi T.,

You might want to go to the Mildenhall AFB, England website to get the answers you are looking for.

They would be able to help you more maybe.

Good luck with the move to England. I'm sure you and your family will love the new life over there. How will you get your dog over there as well.

Good Luck,

G. H.


answers from Tallahassee on

Hi T. - I am from England and my former husband was in the Airforce when we met in Germany. As the UK has no RABIES it is illegal to have your pet vaccinated against it. There is at least 6 months quarantine (at your expense) and I don't think you can visit them during that time either. I have never taken pets TO the UK for this reason. I have brought them OUT of the UK to the USA and it was a rough, long trip for my lab. I love my animals and would research this VERY thoroughly before you take your pet. I have lived here for almost 14 years and I love it here.

England is awsome too but VERY expensive and of course they drive on the opposite side of the road!!

Good Luck

M. F



answers from Tampa on

Good luck with your move. We were stationed in Germany in 88-90. Europe is wonderful if you get out & explore it. Like they said life is different over there. Go to your family services at the base they have lots of things for the kids to make the move easier on them.

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