Mild Fever After Being on an Antibiotic for 3 Days Now?

Updated on March 04, 2011
A.R. asks from Rocky Face, GA
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My 3 year old Daughter has a mild case of Pneumonia and she is on Biaxin and has been for 4 days now. On the second day of taking the antibiotics the fever had subsided and here we are on day 4 and she now has a mild fever of 100.2? Is this normal or cause for concern or worry? The main thing that alarms me is that the fever was gone on day two but just suddenly appears again? Does anyone have any information on this or has any Mom's went through something similar? Of course if the mild fever is still present tomorrow I will call her Dr and see if further treatment is needed. Thank you very much for you're time! --Worried, first time Mom.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your kind, helpful responses. My little one is doing fine and the fever has diminished. :) I think if we could just get rid of the nasty cough that comes on at night we would be doing good :) Thanks again!

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I am dealing with the same issue. I am hoping that he has just picked up something else, but it just feels like he has been sick so often lately. If you go back to the doctor, post with the results and good luck!

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a fever means her body is fighting it off, you normally want to bring it down because it is more comfortable ... let her body and the antibiotics work in her system mamma ... if it goes on into tomorrow afternoon just put in a call to the doctor and confirm.

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Fever is the body's natural way of getting rid of an infection. Most germs can't live when their environment, i.e., your child's body, gets even a degree or two above normal; although some need sustained temperatures of around 101 to really kick the infection.

I'm pretty tolerant of fevers in my kids, only giving fever-reducers if it seems to be getting too high, and just giving them plenty of rest-time and diluted juice or water to keep their fluids up.



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I had pneumonia in the fall. I was told if the fever came back after taking the antibiotics I was supposed to let them know. I would call and talk to the doc.



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Oh, Dear, no wonder-three yrs old! I always say if you have a fever while on an antibiotic-it's pneumonia. That said-with pneumonia, strep, etc-in the little ones especially-the doses must be given at near precise intervals-very difficult-mommy is tired and careworn-child is so sick-but try-and, in this case, a dose cannot be missed-I'm sure you have been diligent-call doctor tonight if you get scared-but she should be fine. Dress her lightly and keep the room cool with cool mist humidifier going-during waking hours-some light little "chops" on the back to loosen phlegm. Lots of fluids and sponge baths. God bless you.



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I believe you are worried for no reason. I'm sure she is supposed to be on the antibiotic for at least 10 days. Am I right? 4 days is hardly enough time to rid the body of pneumonia. The fever indicates that the infection is still present. Let the antibiotics do their job, use ibuprofen and/or acetaminophen to make the fever manageable and call the the doctor if you feel you need to.



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My son had a fever for over a week with this. Biaxin is a powerful medicine, so it's probably not a problem with the medicine. Make sure you get his breathing checked next week.

Pneumonia is tenacious. My mom told me I had it for 2 weeks when I was 2 years old. I spent a week of it in the hospital.

Good luck, and Let us know how she is.


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My kids have had that happen when they've been on antibiotics for ear infections. One time, the medication wasn't working so they had to switch antibiotics, another time, they just came down with something new they probably picked up from the last time they were at the doctors office. I would just make a follow up appointment so the doc can listen to her lungs and make sure she's improving.

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