Migraines: with My Period?!?

Updated on March 12, 2012
B.R. asks from Madison, WI
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So ever since my third child I have been suffering horrid migraines. I have never had such painful headaches. After 22 months I am noticing a common link. I get a massive migraine headache starting about 3 or so days before my period hits. am I just having a coincidence or could my period be causing this issue. For the first year I had a migraine about every 3 or 4 months, now I noticed it has been monthy and I look back and every one has been right around the time of my period. I'm setting up an apointment with my doctor just in case...but as I am nearly crippled by this latest one I have started to wonder.

So, do you get freguent migraines with period. Have you always had them...is it something that came up new after kiddo's.

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answers from Kansas City on

I got them severely before I started my periods and then when I went into menopause. It's definitely hormones causing it for me, mine are gone now, but you should see a good doctor that is either OB/GYN or someone who knows how to treat hormone related issues.

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answers from Spokane on

Not a coincidence. My ob/gyn had me on a low dose hormone patch for the week before my period for years, just so my hormones wouldn't fluctuate so bad. I have gotten migraines with my period since I was 11 years old and I am now 37. The only time I have had full relief from migraines was when I was pregnant. Go see your ob/gyn.

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answers from Dallas on

I get them too around my periods. Has something to do with the hormones. Check with your doctor about it and see if they can give you something for it. I know there's this patch you can put on that is supposed to release certain hormones like from the pill that should help with the headaches. I get mine from the day I start and it will not leave until I stop. Sometimes it is worse than others but most of the time, it's been pretty manageable. Good luck!

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answers from Richmond on

Yep, I was getting them (for years and years and years) either the day before, the first day of, or the second day of my period. I mean totally, 100% handicapped, can't function, thought I was dying migraines.

Turns out, it was related to my HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Ever since I've been on BP meds, I have not had ONE migraine!!

Hope you feel better and find out what helps :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

I started getting them when I had my first child. At first they were just once every 3-6 months, then once a month, then....and I hate to tell you this....about 17 days a month. (The time spread was about 12 years.) And yes, my period was the biggest trigger.

I got imitrex, and it worked really well for me, as long as I took it quickly enough. It still works, actually. The problem is, it wouldn't prevent another one from happening the next day. There was a two year period recently when I felt like I was going to go crazy with migraines almost daily. I'm not sure how I managed, but I did.

I tried everything -- 4 different preventative meds, physical therapy, chiropractic, and accupuncture. Nothing worked except the physical therapy. I loved getting the PT massages, which were amazing and made a big difference, but insurance only paid for one month of that.

So my neurologist started giving me botox shots every 3 months, and one year later, it really started working. Now I have migraines 1-4 times a month. Yes, it's a pain if I have one each week, but it's so much better than 17+ days a month that I don't mind.

Other triggers for me (besides my period) are stress and lack of sleep, so I try to be good about staying calm and getting rest. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I have migraines regularly. I even have to take preventative meds. But that does not even help when it comes to right before my period. They are the worst. I call them I hormone migraines. That's when I have to be in the dark room with quiet or I will get so sick. Before I got a perscription for meds I would take excedrin. But the sooner you take it the better. You don't want to let it get full blown before you take it cause it takes so much longer to take effect and sometimes it wont work if it's gotten bad enough.

Good luck and God Bless!



answers from Greensboro on

i used to head aches some times with my periods. i think they probably are related to your period, also could be a protein head ache since you are losing blood. i don't know what you've taken for it, but the only thing that really works for me is Excedrin. also try eating a peanut butter sandwich or something when if first comes on and see if that doesn't help. i definitely think that seeking medical attention is a good idea too, better safe than sorry. hope this helps!



answers from Bloomington on

I know a lady who would get them with her period. EVERY. MONTH.

Definitely ask your doctor about it and see what he/she can do for you.


answers from Orlando on

I bad migraine every first day of my period.
The ONLY thing that makes me feel better is the Excedrin Migraine, and sometimes not even that =*(
I use to get very ill before my first child, then I just got migraines, then with my second kid my skin clear up complete but my migraines got worst, I am sure is hormones.
Luckily is only the first day of my period that I get them like that.



answers from Bismarck on

I call it the Ice Pick Headache. Usually comes the first day of my period and sometimes also when I ovulate. Doc says some meds may help, but I haven't tried them. Glad you are seeing your doctor about it!



answers from Charleston on

I have had lifelong migraines, but can tell you that in my teens through 30's, they always were like yours - before my period. My ob told me to take aspirin once a day the week before my period, and it helps. Also I was just told by my mom that Feverfew taken once a day helps with the frequency of migraines. She has been taking it for 2 months and has had only 1 migraine and it wasn't a bad one. She used to have 4-6 a month. I'm planning to start taking it as well.

Currently, I tend to get them after my period, so I am on a hormone patch that I wear for 5 days starting on the last day of my period. It has helped tremendously.

Good luck and hope you can find some relief!

Get some aspirin and feverfew and try it!



answers from Atlanta on

Mine worked the other way. I had terrible migraines with my period up until the birth of my first child, three years ago. I haven't had one since. Hormones play a key role in migraines, and are one of the major reasons women are considerably more prone to them than men. Also, there are several recent studies that have found that truly debilitating migraines can lead to minor brain damage that adds up over the years, so please talk to your doctor right away and get these under control. Good luck.



answers from Savannah on

I get severe tensions headaches that will last up to 10 days at a time. Sometimes they come along with my period while other times it is just random. This is something that started before I had my con, and I was actually surprised that I had fewer ones during pregnancy. Caffeine is a big help to me, and since I do not drink coffee, it is soda or chocolate for me!



answers from Honolulu on

I get bad headaches, before my period and after.
Like a day before and a day after it ends.
Like clockwork.
Nothing gets rid of it.

But mine are not as bad as a migraine.



answers from Kansas City on

I started getting migraines around my period about 2 years after having my son. My ob/gyn told me to take 1 Excedrin Migraine a day for the week leading up to my period, so a low dose of the medicine was in my body by the time my period started. Then I could take as needed during my period, as well, as long as I followed the recommended dosage. HTH

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