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Updated on April 02, 2010
K.S. asks from Overland Park, KS
4 answers

After several years of telling my husband his headaches are migraines and nagging him to go to the doctor, he finally went. The Dr. did tell him they are migraines and prescribed some medicine. My husband was shocked at how much the medicine cost(he's used to walmart brand excedrin prices!!). So, my question to you all is, what migraine medicine do you use and how much does your prescription cost. Just want to compare prices and see if there is anything out there that works that's reasonably priced. Thanks!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm answering late but I've been on migraine medication for years. I use imitrex and it is expensive. My insurance covers most of it but at times I have had to purchase it without a Rx and it runs about $200. But it works and it's a life saver to me. I hope your husband has found some relief for his headaches.



answers from Kansas City on

A lot depends on the kind of migraines he has... what triggers them. I was given a prescrip (imitrex) for mine, but it made me feel like my skin was crawling because of the vascular effect it had and only lessened the migraine. I decided it wasn't worth it.

Excedrin is pretty crazy stuff, taking too much of it can give you a "rebound headache". Has he tried Aleeve? It's an anti-inflammatory, I've had a lot of success with it.

You might also try to get him dosed up on B vitamins and Magnesium to make his nerves healthier, more resillient. (healthier nerves = less pain) It's made all the difference for me. Since you now know that it's migraines, I'd suggest finding ways of avoiding them naturally, finding things you can do preventatively. Regular sleep habits, avoiding food with sulfates, etc.

Good luck! I hope you find what works for you.




answers from Kansas City on

Has he tried seeing a chiropractor? I see one who combines adjustments and accupuncture. They can do amazing things without the use of drugs! They can actually resolve the cause of the headaches, not just dull the pain with drugs. All drugs come with a numerous negative side effects too. I agree with the recommendation of a magnesium supplement. Google 'natural cures for migraines' to get some ideas as well. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

What medicine did he get? I might can help you if I know that. I can reccomend a cheaper alternative for him to ask his Dr. about.

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