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Updated on July 26, 2008
E.C. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hi! I'm pregnant with my second child. For my first pregnancy I had my daughter in a hospital with an OBGYN. This time I'd like to have a midwife in a hospital or birthing center, naturally, no pain meds. I have researched midwives a little and recently saw the documentary "The Business of Birth". But if you could please give me any more information about midwives in a hospital setting or birthing center I'd appreciate it. Also do any of you know about the Bradley Method for a natural birth? I'd also greatly appreciate any information about that. And all of this relates to the southwest area of Ft Worth. So I'm probably forgetting some important questions to ask, but if any of you have any information or advice on midwives in hospital settings or birthing centers, the Bradley method for natural births and remember that I live in the SW part of FW. Thanks! And sorry for my babbling!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I had a natural water birth at home. It was wonderful.

I wouldn't recommend using a midwife based out of a hospital... you will still have the hospital experience if you go that route.

This is the birth center I used:

My midwife's name is Christy Martin and she does free consultations.



answers from Dallas on

E. - There is a group of midwives, four to be exact, that practice at Harris Methodist Fort Worth; UNT midwives (Tania Lopez, Kathleen Donaldson, Candis Pannell, & Joy Windebank). I don't know too much about their practice but I know that they provide very personalized care and patients love them. I think most doctors only show up to "deliver" the baby but the midwives are by your side throughout the labor process and a doctor is available in case one is needed. Their office number is ###-###-####. Good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

I'd highly suggest checking out www.cleburnebirthingcenter.com

Venessa Giron is the midwife that works there and she's one of the closest birthing centers to south Fort Worth. She's an excellent midwife! Her phone number is ###-###-####. [email protected]____.com She offers free consultations as well.



answers from Dallas on

There are soo many midwives, the birthing center mentioned is supposed to be great. There is also one in Grand Prairie called Family Birth Services (or center? I forget... I had my first son there). And my midwife (who I've used for 5 pregnancies/births now, we switched to homebirths after the first) is past Weatherford - 45 mins from SW FW - and has a really nice birth center out there. Her name is Molly Germash. I find her worth the drive, but I also started using her ten years ago so it wasn't like I was going to change up for the last baby ;)

The Texas Midwives site is a great place to start reading about the area midwives! www.texasmidwives.com

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