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Updated on February 02, 2006
A.D. asks from Plano, TX
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Can anyone recommend a good midwife for holistic women's heath care?

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Hello A.! I'm C. Lively, and am a senior student midwife. I'm in Garland and work at Fruit of the Womb Natural Childbirth. I have completed all of my schooling, and am finishing up the last of my clinicals before I take the midwifery board exam in August. I provide complete, holistic prenatal care under supervision, under Jane Gandy, CPM. If you're interested, let me know when would be good for us to get together to chat.

Through our practice, you can either use Jane or myself as your primary care provider. If you use Jane, it's normal price. If you choose to use me, since I haven't finished my board exams (which I take in August), there is a $500 discount. Of course, if I am your primary midwife, Jane will still attend the birth and with supervise care.

We also file for insurance and will verify if your plan covers our services. We also have cash payment plans if you are a cash-pay client.

Let me know what I can help you with! I'd love to meet and chat sometime. If Jane or myself is not a fit for you, I can give you a list of other area midwives.

C. Lively
[email protected]____.com
[email protected]____.com



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I had my baby at the Birth and Women's Center in Dallas. I believe there are only 3 birth centers in the DFW area, but this center has been in business over 12 years with a fantastic success rate. They also do holistic women's care. I'm sorry I don't have the number, but you can't find them in the yellow pages. They are on Swiss Avenue.



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I have a doctor in Coppell/Lewisville. She is an MD but she is uses Holistic healing. She does practice OB/Gyn. Her name is Dr Cahan. Her number is ###-###-####. She also accepts insurance. If you call her office I believe she has a website where you can view her beliefs. My entire family is under her care.

Let me know what you think.

Have a great day.



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Cori [email protected]____.com.

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