Middle School Fighting

Updated on January 07, 2011
A.P. asks from Addison, IL
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The jr. high in my district seems to have alot of fighting amongst the kids (6th, 7th & 8th gr). I have been hearing this for years. It was always the girls fighting (physically fighting). I recently talked to a 6th grader there and she said there is alot of fights but it is mainly the boys. I have a couple of years before we will head into this school, but i am kind of freaking out already. I don't remember ANY fights in jr high when I was that age. Is this normal now for this age group, or is it just my district??

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answers from Modesto on

There are always the "fighters" for some reason. I made it through school without ever getting in a fight and I'm sure the majority does. Teaching your children that physically fighting shouldnt have to be necessary is the best thing, but also teaching them how to defend themselves just in case is important too. My mom used to play fight with me. She always told me never to hit anyone first but if someone hit me and I couldnt talk my way out of it then I better know how to fight back. Luckily, I never had to show off my skills :)
I would also assume there is more fighting these days. The kids grow up with a lot more violence in their lives just as ENTERTAINMENT then we ever did.... so they don't know any better and think being physically agressive is the norm. Scary. I doubt it matters what school you are kids attend, kids are the same no matte what district they are in.

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answers from Chicago on

Having grown up in Addison, I would say that it's definitely something in the water in that whole area. Granted, I went to private school through 8th grade and then went to Addison Trail for HS. So, I got to attend high school with all those kids that would fight in Jr. High. That being said, the makeup of Addison has changed dramatically since I was in HS back in the early 90's. And while there weren't a huge number of fights, I always remember hearing about them or avoiding the hallways/times when they typically occurred.

Junior High kids are significantly more irrational than high schoolers (if that's even possible!), so emotional outbursts ARE more common. They think they're cool and someone is stepping on their coolness. What little they know...

I (and my circle of friends) was never involved in any fights since I was somewhat of a nerd (drama, band, dean's list). And I don't recall a single fight involving a jock. In the end, it can depend on what group your kid(s) hang with. Teach them well!

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answers from Chicago on

It depends on the district. I taught at 2 different middle schools (6th grade teacher) until a few years ago (when I had my second daughter) and I didn't deal with many fights. Granted- there were the occassional fights, but not enough for me to remember any of them specifically and I taught for 8 years total. Just be involved with you kids and know what is going on with the school. The schools I taught at were great schools.

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answers from Boca Raton on

Well, I don't live very far from Deerfield Beach, FL where a middle school girl was beaten almost to death by a 9th grade (?) boy.

So yes, it does happen.

IMHO schools are much different from when I was in school (and I'm not *that* old).

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answers from Chicago on

Yes children were fighting when i was in school and they are still fighting now. I just don't remember too many because we respected our teachers and principals in my generation. If you talked back to the teacher, we got it right then and there. Times have changed.

This is a different day and there is gossip/backbitting on some of the internet social sites. You have all of these social networking sites that help perpetuate some of the fights. When I was in school, there was no texting, emails, I'll see you when I get there. Now conservations are held well before the children come to school.

You just have to talk with your children and stay involved in the school. I was a substitute in the South Suburbs of Chicago and I would say that the fights were minimal. It depends on how well their disciplinary policies are enforced. Also, I've seen that if the children respect the principal and if he/she is visilble, you tend not to see too many fights.

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answers from Chicago on

I taught at a middle school near your area. In the ten years I taught I only witnessed one fight. Often in middle school it is much more about the rumors/drama leading up to a 'possible' fight. As in - most middle school kids don't ever WANT to fight, but they are drawn to the drama/attention surrounding possible fights - both physical and verbal. Developmentally there is a lot of trying to figure out their own identity and perceptions of others plays such big role in that. I know that our middle school has had the perception (in the community) in the past of being "rougher" with fights and the like - I thought it was unfounded.

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