Middle Name to Eriana Logan?

Updated on January 16, 2019
A.L. asks from Indianapolis, IN
21 answers

I don't think anything sounds right to me or flows. I'm being picky too, but Please HELP me.

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answers from Anchorage on

To me middle names don't have to "go", they should have meaning, so we used family names. For my oldest we used his Grandmothers maiden name which is also his fathers middle name, and for my youngest we used the middle name of my grandfathers (who both have the same middle name). The boys love their middle names and love telling people how they got them and the special people they share them with.

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answers from San Antonio on

Naming a child is hard. Eriana is a beautiful name but I as well will tell you that having an unusual spelling is going to be a pain in the rear!! I know, it is being done all the time everywhere. I substitute in public schools and have had 5 Sophias in a single class only two spelled the same with "ph", one with a "f", one with an "f" and a "h", and one that I couldn't pronounce but wrote "Sophia" next to it in my notes.

I have a very very unusual name and it isn't easy to spell either. People want to put in extra vowels either when saying or spelling it AND I have never met another one in person. As a kid, it sucked big time!! I've learned to deal with it but both my kids got simple easy plain as day names to say and spell.

On to middle names: old fashioned is now in fashion. Grace, Jane, Olivia, Elizabeth Margot, Leigh or Lee....or something kinda magical/earthy like Star or Rose or Faith.

It is a beautiful name but please rethink the spelling.

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answers from New York on

I think some responses below are interpreting "Logan" as a middle name, but since your name is "A. L" I presume your family last name is Logan. (Be careful about putting full names on the internet!!)

I agree with points below about spelling and avoiding teasing. Like, if you make her middle name "Valerie" her initials would be EVL which maybe looks like "evil".

I like names with family history or family meaning, "classic" in however you define classic for your ancestry.

Or, you are welcome to try Chacha (sometimes spelled "ChaCha"). ChaCha Logan. Spelled the way it sounds.

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answers from Washington DC on

ETA - read your question wrong - I still don't like "eerie-ana" - that's how I would pronounce it. She would spend a lifetime correcting people. Why do that to a child?

I though Logan was the middle name - not last name - which is something you shouldn't put on a public website. There are sick people in the world.

Look at your family history. Are there any names that strike you? If so - use that one,


welcome to mamapedia.

Why not try some "traditional" names instead of something "out there"?

Personally - I don't like the name "eriana" - see - this is what happens when you post to a public website - you're going to get all kinds of feedback and opinions.

I like Alisa Logan, Elizabeth Logan, Emilee Logan

Good luck! Naming a kid is hard!

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answers from Dallas on

Naming a child is not an easy task!

How do you pronounce this name! Looks like a version of Ariana. In order to pronounce it... looks like Eerieana.

As far as Logan, I’ve only seen boys with that name. It hard with a unisex name as well!

I realize a lot of people want to be different but I see so much in the classroom with these unique names that no one can spell or pronounce correctly.

I see children’s smile disappear when they raise a hand eagerly to answer a question and the person asking cannot pronounce the name. When that name is verbally butchered by a teacher, parent, etc. a child is hurt and the other children giggle. I’m sorry... I see this daily.

As Dale Carnegie says... the most important word in the universe is your name.

If you give a child a name thats hard to pronounce... that child will forever be correcting people or be nicknamed a shorter version.

When we named our daughter, Erin.. we thought about that name as a toddler, child, teen and adult. Think about potential careers later in life and how the name fits.

No offense but people respect a solid name over cutesy or specifically unique.

Best wishes naming your sweet baby. I know it’s hard!!

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answers from New York on

Joy. Marie. Grace. Bell. Bess. Blair. Jade. Mae. Kay. Clare

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answers from Minneapolis on

There's something beautiful about Sophia following that name. I don't know, I like the sound of it.

Good luck--whatever you pick, I'm sure it will be beautiful! :D

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answers from Washington DC on

hard to say, but NOT something that starts with a vowel.

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answers from Portland on

ETA: Sorry - I misunderstood question too. I thought Logan was the middle name. I would stick to something very simple - like Jane, Marie, etc. for a middle name with such an unique name (and not beginning with a vowel).

This is just my two cents (as you are asking on the internet) .. I've not heard of the name Eriana. I've heard Ariana. Sounds like you're just trying to make it your own, but I suspect the child will have everyone misspell it which is a pain.

While it can be nice to have a child with a unique name (so no other kids in class with same name), having a name no one knows how to spell or gets shortened to some odd nick name can prove challenging. Think "Erie". Just be warned, it might happen in school.

No one says first and middle names together in everyday conversation. Other than when you name your child and the odd time they appear on documents (diplomas, etc.) it's not a big deal.

I would refer back to the question asked the other day for more ideas on how to find names that flow together.

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answers from Pittsburgh on




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answers from Boston on

Nicole ..... Eriana Nicole Logan

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answers from Boston on

I think a lot depends on what her last name will be - and if it's Logan, you should really rethink putting a child's name on the internet like this, especially with your first name and town! I know the child isn't here yet, but internet safety is primary.

Otherwise, spell out the initials to be sure it doesn't make a word that's either derogatory or will cause people to make fun of her. For example, the initials "ELF" would be silly. I know a girl whose initials are "EEK" and it's not good.

I think Eriana is a name you made up, right? So, unless it's a family name that means something sentimental to you, you might want to think that through. You should realize that your child will spend her life telling other people, "No, I'm not Arianna. I'm Eriana." She may resent you. A child's name is her name - it's not just something to please the parent who thought it up.

Your name is A., and there are already so many spellings of that, right? You've had people misspell it your whole life. Be sure you want that for your child.

I don't think a "perfect name" is the most important thing we can do for our children. Raising them with love, values and priorities is much more critical. Your child will thank you for taking care of yourself, putting aside money for braces and college, and making a house safe and nurturing. Cute baby clothes, an expensive nursery and similar superficial things just don't matter in the long run. It's easy to get distracted by the "fun" parts of pregnancy and parenting rather than focus on the practical realities of parenting. If you check all the other questions on Mamapedia, you'll see that most of them deal with substantive issues, and you'll see some of the challenges ahead of you. It's a useful site that way.

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answers from Santa Fe on

For some reason I think it sounds flowy and very pretty with a similar middle name:
Eriana Luciana Logan
Eriana Gabriella Logan
Eriana Lucia Logan
Eriana Sofia Logan
Eriana Isadora Logan
Eriana Lucia Logan

Good luck!

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answers from Columbus on

How about Grace? Or Marie?

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answers from New London on

Annabelle, Belle, Lee, Leah, Mae, Faith, Mary, Aileen or Rita

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answers from Norfolk on

It might need a middle name with a lot of syllables to balance it out - but I feel sorry for her when she has to learn to write her name.

Perhaps a more traditional spelling - Ariana or Arianna- to keep it sounding like air instead of urr when people guess how to pronounce it.

Will you be ok shouting that across a playground?
A really long name is hard to fit on a business card.

How about breaking it into some similar pieces?
Maybe Mary Anna or Erin Anna would work.

Mary isn't as common as it use to be but it's a fine solid name - it might be time for a come back.

If it's the Anna part you like maybe Anna Marie?

Sometimes searching for the right name just takes a lot of time but fortunately there are a lot of baby name sites out there to help.
We went through dozens of names before we settled on the name we chose for our son.
Once he was born and we could take a look at him we could see that some of the names we were thinking of just didn't seem to fit him and we ended up with something simple that fits him perfectly.

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answers from San Francisco on

The first name that came to mind was Grace. I think it has to be one syllable and start with a consonant.


The first name that came to mind was Grace. I think it has to be one syllable and start with a consonant.



answers from Milwaukee on

Eriana Marie Logan. Softens an already beautiful name. I like the flow...



answers from Los Angeles on




answers from Minneapolis on

Angela, Anna,



answers from Miami on

How about Danielle? Or maybe Olivia? Lauren?

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