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Updated on July 09, 2010
A.G. asks from Easley, SC
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We are working on the boy name for this baby. We have decided on Xavier for the first name, but need some help with the middle name. Here are some of our thoughts, but would welcome any other ideas. None of these really sticks out for us.

Xavier Reese
Xavier Reid
Xavier Logan
Xavier Eli

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think we have settled on Xavier Reese......it really seems to fit with our last name. I have always liked Xavier, but my husband did not until this child (our 4th). I have said it enough (teasing him about it) that it grew on him. Now we have to work on the girl name! lol

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I like Xavier James - I think they are both strong names and I think it flows well. And if you're into nicknames, I think "XJ" goes together. Are there any family male names you could consider? Best wishes - you'll know the right one when you hear it!

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I like Xavier Reid or Xavier Logan but I think it depends on the last name. Gotta make sure the whole name flows well together. :)

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How many syllables is your last name? I have a one-syllable last name so all the names I pick (first & middle) have to be at least two syllables or it sounds strange together.

Just a heads up, if you go with Xavier Logan, people might think it's because you are a big X-men fan! But it's still a good name.

If you don't love any of those, don't be afraid to ditch them all and start over. Try searching for names by meaning, or use the name of a friend or relative you respect. When it's right, you'll know!



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Have you been to babynamewizard.com? Great name finding site! The book "The Baby Name Wizard" is even better! Anyway, what about Xavier Blake? Or Xavier Paul? Or Xavier Micheal? Happy Baby Naming, and CONGRATS! :)



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i agree that your last name will have some bearing on the middle name choice based on how many syllables it is, and also what the three initial letters of all his names might spell together. i really like james and alexander and reid were also nice options, plus i wanted to share that my son ian's middle name is xavier, so maybe xavier ian could work... :)

another thought: xavier blaine



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I like Xavier Alexander :)



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James, Paul. Stick with a one syllable middle name.



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The name Xavier sounds, to me, so nobel and one of it's meanings is "bright". The second names you chose sound like how do I put it "popular" names that you really wanted to name your son, but perhaps Xavier was a family name? It's so classic, so romanesque you need an equally strong middle name.
Xavier Malcom
Xavier Maximus
Xavier Francis
Xavier Amedeus
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Steele
My opinion. I do love Xavier though you won't have to worry about a class full of them(lol)



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Xavier Reese....love it!

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