Middle Name for Caleb...need Suggestions!!

Updated on November 11, 2010
J.L. asks from Oakland, NJ
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Hello I am 61/2 months pregnant with our second little boy. We have decided to name him Caleb but I am at a complete loss when it is coming to his middle name. Our last name starts with the letter L and it is pretty long. I was hoping to get some ideas. Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks for your help!

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answers from New York on

Caleb is very nice. If I was using it, I'd probably go with Caleb Daniel or Caleb Thomas - but if you have a two syllable last name, I'd use a one or three syllable middle name (Caleb John? Caleb Joshua?)

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answers from Austin on

I thick Caleb James has a great flow--and you can also nickname him CJ (which I think sounds totally cute).

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answers from Provo on

Ray? I like Caleb Ray L

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answers from Chicago on

Since Caleb is two syllables and your last name is long, how about a nice one syllable middle name? My son's middle name is Shane. I also like James (especially for the CJ factor) or Dane.

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answers from Chicago on

I love the name Caleb and always wanted to use it for a boy since I read the book, "Sarah Plain & Tall" in like 4th grade. . . yeah I know I am a nerd =)

Anyway, I like:

Caleb Andrew
Caleb Lee
Caleb Alexander
Caleb Zachary
Caleb Dane

Best of Luck!

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answers from Albany on

I love the middle name James... is is short, simple, classic and goes with almost every first name. In our case it is also my father-in-laws name, so it was an easy decision for our son (Ryan James). I have always loved the name Caleb too). Good Luck!

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answers from Norfolk on

I have my own Caleb with a long last name that is often mispronounced. my Caleb's middle name is Stephen (pronounced "Steven"). Congrats on your 2nd child.

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answers from San Antonio on

I know a Caleb Ray. I think it sounds great together, especially with a long L last name.

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answers from Hartford on

1st thought was Caleb Michael. Congrats!!!!!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Since your last name is pretty long and Caleb has 2 syllables I think I like a middle name with 1 syllable or maximum of 2.


answers from Los Angeles on



answers from Dallas on

my sisters fiance is caleb justin..



answers from Buffalo on

Well, You don't say what your husbands name is or if your first son is named after him, so I don't know if you have used his name? Also, what about your maiden name? That's a great old fashioned trend that seems to be making a come back. If those don't work, what about your father or your husbands? Grandfather, Uncle? And , last...I like Matthew, Ryan, Parker, Murphy, James. Those are what come to mind! :)



answers from Buffalo on

Hello fellow momma!! I absolutely LOVE the name Caleb, I have always wanted to name my son that. I like biblical names like Matthew, Michael, Josiah, and Joshua. I also like Parker - it's very different. You could always give him the middle name of a family member, like use their first name as his middle name. Your father, your father in law, your grandfather? Hope this helps, good luck. And congratulations and best wishes to you!!



answers from New York on

I like Caleb Matthew.



answers from Seattle on

Avery, James, Andrew, Devin, Judd, Adam, Gavin, Ian, jake, John, Jack, jace, Matthew, Maxwell, michael, Peter, Quinn, Quinton, Ryan, ray, Samuel, timothy, thomas, Vincent, William, Zachary. Congrats!



answers from Grand Forks on

hey there! congrats on your pregnancy! yay! :)
my friend just had a baby, she named him Hudson Joseph B. At first i was like, oh heck no, ugh. but he's 2 ms. old now and it's totally grown on everyone and i like it a lot! so i was wondering...have you considered Caleb as a middle name? you could of course still call him that. (my middle name's rebecca and i've always gone by Becky). anyway, do you like Hudson Caleb at all? I love the name caleb too, but i think it fits as a middle name, just in regards to syllables and sounds. sounds quirky but that's just my lil ol' opinion. that's all i got for ya' - sorry! but i do wish you luck. whatever you choose will be a perfect fit for that little angel! :)


answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi J.:
How exciting to have a second little boy. One syllable middle name is probably best. Especially with a long last name. You could even go with a middle initial only or no middle name at all. Think of the men's names (husband, Uncles, Nephews, Good Friends etc.) in your life and see if you can come up with something sentimental or you could even shorten or combine a name.


answers from New York on

Hi J.:

What about names of people who have assisted you throughout your life, someone you admire, historical figure, a combination of you and your partner's name, place where you conceived.

Naming a baby is so special and important.

All the best, and please let us know what you decide.

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