Microwave Eggs

Updated on April 16, 2012
M.F. asks from Cleveland, TX
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Can I cook eggs in the microwave? And how do I do it and do you think they taste good?

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So What Happened?

Thanks we will be going on vacation and there will be a microwave in the hotel room (no continental breakfast) I am fine with cereal but my hubby likes eggs for breakfast. Trying to avoid the 10 pond gain from eating tutti fruitti fresh and fruity pancakes from Ihop every morning.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I cook scrambled in the microwave all the time. I add a bit of milk then do 1 minute per egg. If it is not done then flip it and go for a few more seconds.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Yes, you can... but you really shouldn't! They just don't taste as good, and the texture is a bit off. But if you wanted to, scramble the egg with a fork, add a dash of milk or water, and nuke in a glass bowl for 30 - 45 seconds and toss with the fork before serving.

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answers from Bellingham on

I used to cook hard boiled eggs in the microwave by wrapping an egg in foil, then placing it in a bowl of water and zapping it for 3 minutes. You must have the water.


answers from Dallas on

Yes you can.I do it weekly .my kids eat it. I don't eat eggs so can't how they taste.

I add a tad bit milk to make it fluffier


answers from Jacksonville on

You "can" cook a scrambled egg in the microwave. Though it isn't the greatest way to enjoy a scrambled egg. I have, however, scrambled a single egg into a small round glass bowl/dish, added a dash of salt/pepper, and nuked it for maybe 45 seconds (it's been a long time, so I can't recall the exact time---you have to watch it and gauge by how it looks, it WILL puff up but then deflate)? Then, put the nuked scrambled egg on a toasted bagel with a slice of american cheese.

It wasn't horrible, but it wouldn't be my first choice of how to go about it. The only real UP side, was that it made the egg perfectly round so it fit the bagel. lol


answers from San Francisco on

Tin foil in the microwave is a recipie for disaster. I wouldn't use foil. There are cute microwave-safe products you can use to cook eggs in the microwave and they turn out fluffy and fine.

Here's an omelet maker (I've got this exact one and it works great!)


I've also used this egg poacher. Just slip the eggs onto a piece of toast with a little salt and pepper and you have a tasty open faced egg sandwich!




answers from Seattle on

Egg mcmuffins....butter small bowl, Crack egg into small bowl, zap until yolk is solid (about 1 min), put cooked egg in English muffin, w or w/out sausage.



answers from Pittsburgh on

"Hungry Girl" puts out recipes for scrambled eggs in a mug quite a bit. Check out her site and search her recipes.

FYI - I just learned from a friend that you do not want to reheat a hard boiled egg in the microwave. From what I understand it kind of exploded on her and burned her lip.


answers from Redding on

Scrambled are the only ones I've done in the nuker. A pat of butter, a tsp of water, milk... salt and pepper. Whisk it up and cook till you see it starting to coagulate, give it another stir and cook till done. Only takes a couple of minutes, they are pretty good.

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