MEXICO??? Riviera Maya....need Recommendations, Safe?

Updated on September 06, 2012
R.M. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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We are thinking of taking a family vacation to the Riviera Maya in the next few weeks. Has anyone been down there lately? Is there a resort that you loved for families? How safe did you feel? Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Chicago on

Well, I've been to Mexico several times, but with all the drug and gang wars down there, I would not bring my kids. I'm paranoid though.

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answers from San Antonio on

we have a timeshare in the maya riviera (royal resorts) and LOVE IT. as with all tourist areas and cities, you must stay away from unsafe areas and activities. i don't imagine you and the children will wander into a drug neighborhood by mistake, do you? in cancun, the public
buses are quick, cheap, clean and on time. we take the bus everywhere. we take taxis, and have never had a problem. there are stories of the federales shaking down tourists for money, pulling over rental cars, etc. but i do not know anyone who has been victim of these incidents. i have been to isla mujeres, the dolphin experience (kids were 7 & 2). there is plenty for families to do, including bike tours, Xel-Ha, Tulum mayan ruins, dolphins, scuba and snorkel, lots of inclusive bus tours. GO. HAVE FUN, BE SAFE.



answers from Albuquerque on

I live in New Mexico and we hear a lot about violence south of the border (you probably do in Texas too). So personally, no... I would not travel to Mexico, no matter the place. That said, my brother is about to go on his honeymoon to the Secrets in Riviera Maya because they got a phenomenal deal. When he looked, the all inclusives in Mexico cost about 50 - 60% of a comparable resort in the Caribbean because so few people are willing to travel to Mexico now.

If you do go, make sure you arrange for transport to/from your hotel in advance. That way you're meeting a specific company or someone from your hotel and you don't have to deal with public taxis or haggling then and there. Once inside the resort you will be safe (or at least - people have historically been safe - there hasn't been an attack inside a resort in Mexico).

But again, I wouldn't do it. I'd try Costa Rica or Jamaica or Puerto Rico instead if I wanted the lower priced end of things (or one of the other islands if I could spend a bit more).



answers from Chicago on

We traveled the Riviera Maya in June. I never felt unsafe. We flew to Cancun, visited Isla Mujeres, rented a car and drove to Chitzen Itza where the Mayan ruins are, went to Tulum and drove up the Coast, Akumal Bay, Playa del Carmen, Cancun. It was a great trip.
I did some online research before we went and it appeared to me that those drug wars are in different parts of the country. Even the US government didn't have a specific travel advisory for the Yucatan Peninsula. Google Yucatan travel advisories for the current situation.
If you are planning on just going to a resort and maybe do a touristy bus tour to the pyramids I really don't think there is anything to worry about. I think those all-inclusive resorts are probably some of the safest places in the world.
My favorite places were Isla Mujeres. We stayed at the Avalon Reef there. The hotel wasn't great but the island is very beautiful. I also liked Akumal Bay. Great snorkeling there. We stayed at the Akumal Bay Beach Resort (all-inclusive). The resort was pretty good for the rate we paid and the beach was fantastic. We also stayed for one night at the Mayaland resort which is right by the Mayan ruins in the dschungel. Very adventurous.



answers from Houston on

I was in central Mexico in May and felt amazingly safe and LOVED it. I used to go to school in Mexico and went many times a year but have not been for the past eight years because of kids and fear. I had missed going so much. My old roommate who lives in New England needed to go and up there they hear very little about the violence.
A quick email to an old friend who lives outside of Cancun reassured me. They do everything they can to protect the tourists. The Mayan Riviera is probably the safest place-the government needs the tourism. We live in Texas and hear EVERYTHING but 98% of the stuff that happens is no where near any resort. Do not go to the border, or Veracruz or Acapulco. Mexico City has kidnappers for the wealthy but not the drug crazies.
But think about. Do you go to any sleazy neighborhoods in the states? Would you go walking in a ghetto? Would you go to a midnight Batman movie in Colorado? Stay away from the obviously dangerous spots. Random violence can happen ANYWHERE. Have transportation set up to go straight to your hotel and have a wonderful time. Mexicoi is a beautiful country with wonderful people and so much history. Enjoy.



answers from Los Angeles on

I cancelled a cruise that stopped in Mexico because of the beheadings and murders by the drug cartels, especially since they are targeting Americans. My son is in the military and he is prohibited from visiting Mexico by his chain of command.

When the government thinks there is enough danger that they place troops with uzzi's (machine gun) in the airport, then I can wait until things calm down.

I had a real nice time at a resort on the Riveria Maya. It was an all inclusive. But I am not willing to take any chances of loosing my head over visiting Mexico. There are too many other places to visit that are just as nice, but don't carry the risk.

Good luck to you and yours.



answers from New York on

Maybe I'm a head in the sand type of person when it comes to some things but I felt perfectly safe. Granted it was a year and 1/2 ago but I thought it was the biggest bargain in the world. Grand Vellas in Nueva Vallarta. All inclusive. I think 15 min from the airport. Pretty drive? No but it was so short who cares. The food was FANTASTIC. The room was an enormous suite, all marble etc. So beautiful. Downside is I wouldn't really want to leave the resort so older kids might get bored. There were jet skiis to rent on the beach though. I was happy as a kid until I was at least a teen swimming and reading all day so depends on your kids I guess. My younger kids loved it.



answers from Columbia on

Three for three - I'd vote no (if I got a vote).

Mrs and I went sans kids a couple years ago. Don't remember the resort as it was a last minute friends invite and they already booked, so we didn't have any choice.

They're all nice, almost all are all inclusive. All have some activities for the kids.

You feel safe AT the resort. The feel physically safe, but you're going to get scammed by taxi drivers/resort "helpers" (they don't work for your resort and want you to switch). The doors out of the airport are the worst as they funnel the whole airport to one exit - where literally hundreds of psuedo-travel agents hang out. They all wear this uniform, so you think they're official or something - but they're just salespeople trying to sell you trips, rides, stays, condos, tours, timeshares, etc.

The ride to the resort will be a VERY awake hour to hour and a half. Lots of extreme poverty, then a little town with a mercedes dealership and furniture store, then poverty and a two lane highway.

For the most part, the tourists at the tourist's sites will be ok.

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